The Suitcase //Ashton Irwin Fanfiction


4. 4.

"How on earth could- I don't understand their stupid, stupid verdict!" Marilyn stared at Benedict as they entered the house. "I can't- where was it stated that it was in self defence?!" She sighed sitting down "and where was it stated that he didn't-"

"Go to bed Benedict." He stared back at her as she calmly lent against the door frame. "You get too annoying for my taste when you lose a case." She paused standing straight and closing the front door. "I'd say a good night's sleep will do you good." She watched him as he his stare turned into a glare. "I said go to bed Benedict!" She called to him walking into the kitchen.

"I shouldn't have lost!" She heard him shout in frustration as he stamped up the stairs. She sighed although in theory he is the older twin, he never acted like it. 

"Such a child." She muttered as she took her cup of tea into the living room. "Such a child." She repeated as the T.V  flickered into life. "Now what to watch...?" She turned her head as she heard him trail down the stairs. "Why are you always like a child when you lose?" She asked him "get off." She whined as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I shouldn't have lost." He mumbled tiredly. "I worked day and night for weeks on end to get ready for this case." She rolled her eyes at him. "I know I said I was at a friends and I was... but we worked together..." His voice trailing off as he fell into a sleep.

"Good grief! I'd hate to be your girlfriend in the future." She turned back to the T.V turning the volume down low. Standing up she moved him slightly so that he was lying on the sofa. There was a knock at the door, it was a quiet sounding knock at first. She sighed wondering who would knock quietly. "Must be new neighbours or something." She muttered walking towards it, she stopped at the door turning back to him. 

"Hello!" A voice called through the letterbox loudly. She jumped a surprised expression on her face as her brother jumped up pushing past her. "Well hello there." Her expression changed instantly as she recognised the voice. 

"Oh while I think about it..." He poked his head back around the door looking at her. He was blocking the person from view. "I'm having a friend over, I think I forgot to mention that..." She shrugged her shoulders. "You're not bothered with that?" She nodded "really?! I mean normally.."

"I'm not Mum and normally you bring around those good for nothing-" He raised his hands in the air in defeat. "Anyway what harm can it do tonight- it is just tonight isn't it?" Alarm in her voice as she thought of having to spend the next however long until they went on holiday with her. "Ben... it is just for tonight isn't it?"

"Well... I was thinking that but I mean what harm can it do for you to get to know my girl. I mean really?" She rolled her eyes at him as he looked at her in a manner that suggested he was pleading with her. 

"I said I'm not Mum. I was just wondering if they would be staying with us for a bit." He nodded "stop worrying! You know I'll approve of whoever you get with!" Again he nodded at her. Marilyn sighed walking past him retiring to her bedroom.

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