The Suitcase //Ashton Irwin Fanfiction


3. 3.

"So Miss Beverly, Marilyn, where were you exactly on September 13th 2004 at 21:00?" Marilyn rolled her eyes at the defence of the man that should already be behind bars. "Detective Inspector Beverly, need I remind you that you are currently in a courtroom where you have sworn to tell the truth?" She glanced towards her twin, a smile of amusement screaming to be let out as she watched him casually typing on his phone. 

"I'm sorry, now where was I on September 13th...?" She sighed thinking for a minute. She glanced to watch Thompson as he twitched nervously. "Ah... yes. I remember now, I was at my late partners house. We were eating and working on cases. I believe that then we heard a knock on the door-"

"You believe that you heard a knock at the door?" She nodded at the defence watching a Thompson smirked suddenly. "You told the court when we first came to the trial in the summer of 2005, that when the door was opened you were in the bathroom... is that correct?" She nodded again "so you didn't see the supposed shooting?"

"Correct, although I believe that what I heard would be different to what you believe happened. Or am I wrong?" The lawyer for the defence lent on their desk slightly allowing her to carry on. "You see I went to a school where we were taught how to fire a-"

"A spy school?!" She narrowed her eyes as the lawyer and a few people in the jury laughed slightly. "Your Honour I would like to object because of lying. She is acting like all this is a joke. Surely a school wouldn't allow their students to fire a weapon?!" Marilyn looked at Benedict as he sat there on alert. He gave her a questioning look as the defence continued. "Detective Inspector Beverly I will ask once more. Can you please give a full account of what happened the night of September 2004?"

"As I was saying, on the night of September 13th I was at my late partners house as stated. We were finishing up a case. We were finishing paperwork to do with it. It was to do with the gang known as the Silver Sparrows-"

"Exactly how are they noticed? These... Silver Sparrows." She thought for a moment. There were many ways that they could be noticed. "Can you give us an detailed explanation of how you would know?" She nodded "please tell us."

"It could be determined in many different ways. First is usually the jobs they do, the one's they undertake. It could be anything from a jewellery heist to an assassination. They specialize in a lot to be honest." The defence went to question her but she just put her hand up carrying on. "The second would be the way they complete the job. For a heist they would use a device that would disrupt the cameras. They'd take out-"

"Wouldn't most criminals confuse the cameras? Isn't it the most obvious thing to do?" Marilyn rolled her eyes again, she nodded at the woman. "Well then surely that isn't solid evidenc-"

"Objection!" The judge turned to look at Benedict as he stood up suddenly.

"On what basis Mr. Beverly?" He stared at the judge blankly for a minute. "If there is no basis then I will not allow the objection."

"The defence was hassling the witness your Honour. If they had carried on then the witness could become emotionally drained." The judge stared at him questioningly "it's true. I've seen it happen before in court..." He then quickly added "your Honour."

"Objection sustained." He smiled still standing. "Mr. Beverly I would wipe that smirk off your face." Benedict's smile disappeared instantly as he sank slowly back into the chair. "The only reason that I am allowing this objection is because the questioning is not going anywhere." There was a silence as they looked towards the lawyer for the defence. "Is there anymore to be added for the conclusion to become clear?" 

They shook their head returning to their desk. "That is all your Honour." They sat down Benedict standing up. "I do not wish to continue."

"Very well." They gestured for Benedict to step up and cross examine. He shook his head politely. "Do you not wish to cross examine? I believe that was your intent when you allowed the defence to start." He stayed silent for a second "very well then Mr. Beverly. Who is it that you wish to call up?"

"I wish to call to the stand the defence himself." There was a silence for a minute as the other lawyer objected. "There is no basis for that objection Jerome. I don't think-"

"Thank you Mr. Beverly, however, I think that I am more than capable of deciding if the objection is sustained or not." He nodded.

"Of course your Honour I was out of place to say that. I apologise for my comment." They nodded declining the objection. Thompson stood up, he was shaking slightly as he barged past Marilyn. She swore loudly in her head as she shot a look towards her brother. He smiled confidently back at her. "Thank you Mr. Thompson, or may I call you Billy?"

"I prefer Mr. Thompson. To call me by my first name would be like suggesting we are friends." Benedict nodded "you're nervous." He looked at him surprised as he removed his hand from the top of the collar. "When you're nervous you are moving the top of your tie. I've seen you do it a few times today."

"That's enough Mr. Thompson." Both men looked to the judge, Benedict seemingly managing to quickly recover. "Mr. Beverly will be asking the questions." The man in the stand nodded absentmindedly as he returned his attention back to the lawyer. "You may continue."

"Thank you your Honour." He looked back at Thompson. "Mr Thompson, in the original trial you admitted to having heard of the group The Silver Sparrows. Is that correct?" The other man nodded. "Well then can you please explain to me how you came to know of them?"

"It was through my friend, Mike Rodgers." Benedict smiled at him gently."I don't understand what this has to do with my trial."

"It has a lot to do with the trial. Now Mr. Mike Rodgers told you about it?" The defendant nodded "how come Mr. Rodgers wasn't mentioned before?" The man looked at him shocked before immediately regaining a emotionless expression. "Can you please explain to us why in the original trial in the... summer of 2005 Mr. Rodgers wasn't mentioned at all?"

"I didn't mention Mike." He replied confused. Benedict went to ask him another question but the man continued. "I'm sorry for holding back information it must've slipped my mind." Benedict dropped the subject and moved on.

"Can you then tell the jury of your whereabouts on the 13th September 2004 at precisely 21:00?" The other man nodded. He started to explain where he was Benedict keeping quiet. He studied him as he stood there. The man's voice changed slightly, where before he had been talking quite slowly and calmer, it had changed to quicker and slightly more agitated. "You were at your friends?"

"Yes didn't tell you that?!" Benedict nodded apologising. "Stupid lawyers, don't know when to listen." He muttered, Benedict remaining silent as to not snap at the man. 

"Can you please tell me how you came to be at Miss Beverly's late partners house?" The other man paused for a minute before running his hand through his sandy brown hair quickly. Benedict smiled as he realised the man was hiding something. 

"Well I was driving home and I noticed the guy standing outside with another guy." There was another pause as he thought about it. "They looked alright until he pushed the other guy. There was a loud bang and he crumpled to the floor. I stopped the car instantly jumping out to help him. I was a little while down the road so by the time I got there, I was late. I took him up to my house. I lived a few doors dow-"

"I apologise for interrupting you Mr. Thompson." The other man scowled at him "you told the jury and judge the same thing in the original trial, correct?" Thompson nodded silently. "Thank you. Now in the original trial you said you were driving home, correct?" He nodded a second time. "You were coming back from a business trip correct?" Again another nod "and where is it you live again? You told us that it was a few doors down, is that correct?"

"No it isn't. I live in Worcester..." His voice trailed off as he realised his mistake of revealing where he really lived. "Damn it you little deceitful-!"

"Court will adjourn in ten minutes!" The loud voice came over the courtroom everyone standing up to leave. Benedict winked towards Justine, Marilyn pointing her finger into her mouth. He chuckled to himself as he left the courtroom behind the jury. Marilyn following behind Justine. "Shall we go back to my office and discuss the offer?"

"Yes I would very much like to do just that." The voices were only mere whispers but she could recognise them instantly. One of them was Thompson, the other was the judge. She glanced behind her quickly confirming that it was them. She furrowed her eyebrows different thoughts flying through her head.

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