The Suitcase //Ashton Irwin Fanfiction


2. 2.

"Hey!" She turned her head to face the man sat at the desk. "He wants you." She nodded heading towards the chief's office. She knocked on the door hearing the sharp voice telling her to come in. She slowly opened the door, revealing the short thin man with white hair sat at his desk. He didn't look at her for the first few minutes; he just waved his hand gesturing for her to sit down. Marilyn complied; she silently sat down not ushering a word. She sat there for what felt to her like forever, watching intently as he scribbled notes down. 

She coughed catching his attention; he looked up and stared at her. "Well I heard they reopened the Thompson case?" The way he said it didn't sound like a fact, it sounded more like a question. "Detective inspector Beverly, have they reopened the Thompson case?" She nodded almost hesitating for a second. The chief, James, was nice to her however not to the rest. "Listen to me Marilyn there is a chance that your brother will need something but I don't know... I just think we shouldn't give him it." The phone rang straight after the words had left his mouth, she checked it. "Speak of the- is it him?" 

"Yes. May I?" He nodded as she picked it up. "Beverly." There was a pause as she turned to look out of the window. "I can be there in half of that time and you know it" James smiled as she looked back at him. "You want to speak to James?" There was another pause as she nodded handing it over to him.

"James speaking…" There was a pause as the older man listened "two weeks?" Another pause "of course… no, of course I wouldn't mind you idiot. Who was it that put you through law school and your sister through her police training?!" Marilyn rolled her eyes as she realized why he had ringed. "No, no I'll let you take your sister. Then again I must ask you... why Australia?" She sighed guessing what her brother would be saying down the phone. A few seconds later he whistled as he passed her the phone back. "He wanted my permission to let you go home early and to let you go on holiday. I said yes of course..."

"Why would- why did you say yes?!" James stared at her for a second. A knock sounded at the door both of them turning to look at it. A young woman walked in, she had long blonde hair that fell down her back with a dark shade of blue in her eyes. She smiled at Marilyn and James, the two of them turning to look at each other quickly. She had a confident air about her, one that confused and shocked the two of them. 

"I'm Justine" she flashed a smile at them. "I'm Benedict's new assistant, he sent me to bring you to the trial. Something about him rather have you drove there than walk." Marilyn rolled her eyes at the woman. She spoke as if she was above everyone else. "The limo is waiting outside-" The two policemen shot each other a surprised look "yes he has a limo. There is a driver too, his name is Caleb. I was told to give you five-" 

"I won't need five minutes!" James smirked at the state of his top officer. She was flustered and defensive it was almost like to him, well, it was that she felt threatened by the woman stood in front of them. She nodded turning around. Marilyn glanced at James a smile tugging at her lips. She watched the man sat next to her stare at the woman as she strutted from the room. "Isn't... Justine, a little to old for you…?"

"She is too confident for my liking. Anyway" he tapped the wedding ring on his finger. "Now… I'll have Jackson put all paperwork on your desk. He looks up to you, I think you should train him?" Again the statement came out as a question. "I mean only if you want to... I just think this would be such a shame to waste potential..."

"I've told you once and I'll tell you again. I don't take apprentices or rookies." She stood up pushing her seat under the table. "Bye." She opened the door walking out of the building. There were the occasional people who gave her stared at her with hateful glances. She ignored them. She walked out staring with distaste at the car as she came down the stairs towards it. A man with brown hair climbed out of the car. He was dressed in a black three piece suit and his hat cast a dark shadow over his eyes stopping her from seeing the colour of them. He opened the door for her Marilyn thanking him as she climbed in. 

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