The Suitcase //Ashton Irwin Fanfiction


1. 1.

"So where are we going again?" She looked across the table at her brother as he threw her the travel magazine. "Australia..." Her voice trailed off as she stared at it reading the magazine "yeah I'm not so sure..." He smiled at her standing up, he walked over to the dishwasher opening it and placing his bowl inside. "I mean come on! We barely actually have time on our hands and we've both got this case to finish... how on earth do you expect to do this?"

"Hey! If you want to stay her in boring, always raining, London with nothing but cases to solve...." They both raised an eyebrow at each other over their morning cups of coffee. "Then you can be my guest. I however wish to be in a foreign country for the next two weeks." He smiled to himself "the women, the attractions! Oh which reminds me... we're having separate rooms"

"I wouldn't have it any other way Benedict." A groan of frustration left his mouth as she said his full name. She smirked to herself picking up the newspaper "oh what's wrong now?" He sighed, picking up the briefcase off the table. "Are you in court today?" He smiled opening it up, it was a small sized brown leather case. He lifted out a piece of paper waving it in the air. "Pass it here then" he passed her the piece of paper watching with amusement as she read it. "We won the trial. Why on earth is the judge reviewing it?"

"That's the exciting part! No one knows." Benedict smiled at her excitedly "think about it Marilyn! No one knows why the judge wishes to review their case. I mean we won it fair and square remember?" Marilyn nodded back placing the cup in the dishwasher and giving him the paper back. "Anyway the firm has a big review coming up soon and well... I need to pass this one." She nodded walking out of the kitchen into the hall. "So I'll see you later?" Benedict asked watching as she picked her suit jacket off the banister. He watched her put it on before smiling to himself "I still don't get why you wear a suit."

She looked at him a glint in her eye "what's wrong with that? Mom always wore a suit to work and she worked in an office." He shrugged his shoulders taking his grey coat "anyway I like grey more than a blue- although I do own a couple of blue suits. One navy and one turquoise now" she checked the black leather watch with gold rim. "I have to leave." She opened the door reaching around to put the pass code into the small silver safe on the wall. "I'll see what time I leave. Not sure if the Chief will keep me on a late or not tonight…"

"Do you want a lift?" He watched her, swiftly catching the keys as they sailed through the air. She shook her head opening the porch and stepping out. He walked forward only to stop as the door shut in his face "what was that for?" She smirked turning back to face the road. A few people across the road staring, she waved at them smiling as they turned back around quickly. "Alright well see you later then" he called as she turned to walk down the street. 

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