Questions I Ask Myself

Sometimes I sit there and ask myself random questions... Because I'm normal like that! This is the way to get to kind of know me without you having to ask the questions.
Please be aware I won't reveal anything personal or any personal details about myself. This is simply some rather random, crazy questions I thought of.


5. Question 5 (asked by spongebobninja)



Do you like soft toys? If you do, what is your favourite one? And possibly a picture?


First off, thank you for the question! Yes, I do like soft toys! Who doesn't? Even hard core thugs probably have a little Winnie The Pooh toy they cuddle up to at night...


My favourite one is this purple sheep I call Sheepie (how original is that name)?!? I've had him since I was about five and he is very soft. I also have a purple teddy bear which is full of those little beads... It has 'JADE' sown in on the front and I got it at nursery. I call it Ted.


Pictures? Not right now but perhaps in the future...

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