Questions I Ask Myself

Sometimes I sit there and ask myself random questions... Because I'm normal like that! This is the way to get to kind of know me without you having to ask the questions.
Please be aware I won't reveal anything personal or any personal details about myself. This is simply some rather random, crazy questions I thought of.


2. Question 2






Have you ever had any writing achievements?


Yes I remember that there was this website called 247 Tales. You basically had to write a short story based on whatever the topice was that month, in 247 words. It was really hard. I remember entering pretty much every month and then one month, my story came Runners Up! At the time I was 12 and one of the youngest people to enter the competition. Most were usually 14, 15 or 16.

To me, Runners Up was a big deal. Like I said, most people were 15 or 16 had loads of writing experience. I think there was an 11 year old Runner Up. So me and her where the youngest.

I won 2 books and my mini story was published on the website for all to see! Unfortunately gremlins have taken over the system but if you go onto the website, go onto Runners Up, go to June 2013 and mine is the first one there!

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