The One I Fell In Love With ( TMNT )

Maria, A Mutant Turtle, Was Raised By Splinter. Knowing He Raised Others, And Couldn't Meet Them, Broke Her Heart. But One Day An Accident Made Her Dream Come True. And Sooner She Realised She Liked Mikey! Will He Like Her Back? Or Will He Reject Her? Read To Find Out.


2. Funny Friend


Maria's P.O.V

I Woke Up. I Must've Fell Asleep. I Got Up And Washed My Face. I Looked Like A Pizza Monster. I Opened My Door And Laughed. It Was Mikey, With Tons Of Slices Of Pizza Stuck To Him Shouting " I Am The Pizza King. Bow Before Me. " Leo Chuckled, Donnie Shushed Them And Raph Burried His Head Deep In His Hand. I Played Along And Bowed. Mikey Walked Up To Me. " Thanks You Dear Peasant. " He Said In A Deep Voice, I Laughed And Nervously Followed Mikey As He Walked Me To The Boys. I Looked At The TV And Walked Up To It. " Are You Watching..? " I Was Cut Off By Leo " Yup! " He Said. I Sat Next To Him. "

Episode 15, Death In The Stars. Love It. " I Said Surprising Him.  I Sat Back A Little, Making Sure Not To Get Square Eyes. As The Episode Finished I Had Eaten 10 Slices Of Pizza. I Got Up And Went To My Room. I Searched Through My Bedroom. 

" Whatchya Looking For? " Mikey Said Scaring The Living Daylights Out Of Me. I Spun Aroun And He Laughed. I Caught Sight Of It. 

" There It Is! " I Said And Picked It Up. " Episode 16, Funerals With Stars. Limited Edition. " I Walked Up To Leo And Gave It To Him. He Looked At Me And Smiled. So I Returned The Smile And Walked Over To Mikey. 

" A Slice Of Pizza My Majesty? " He Asked Offering Me A Pizza. 

" One Slice Of Pizza Couldn't Hurt. " I Said And Excepted The Pizza. That Night I Fell Asleep Thinking Of How My Life Went From Nothing, To Having All I Ever Wanted. 



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