When you turn five, everyone is categorised according to ability. Group A is the highest rating and group Z is the lowest ability, with the entire alphabet in between. When you reach the age of eighteen, you are assigned a job according to your ability group. Tara is assigned to the job of assassinating people who defy against this categorisation, but one of those people is her best friend. Is it time to bring the system down or will she really have to kill her friend?


1. Prologue


I pointed the gun at my friend.

I had been assigned to group D when I was five, and that meant that when I turned eighteen, I picked out a fairly good job. The job that came out of the bucket, when I rummaged around the pieces of paper that would decide my fate, was assassination. I was in charge of chasing down people who defied the system, and assassinate them. They were the people who didn't do their assigned jobs, didn't stay in their group's area and also those who fell into groups X, Y and Z. These were the lowest ability people and the government didn't want them. My assassination team leader told me that the X, Y and Z people were a "waste of resources".

Cara was in group X. I had to assassinate her.

I wouldn't shoot her. This is the first time that I've refused to shoot someone. I should have refused a long time ago because this system is wrong. This system needs to be destroyed.

I dropped the gun and turned away from the system.

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