Lies - [Ashton Irwin]

Their love disintegrates. Slowly, but surely. When they both find their way to stardom, they will meet again. Will their past love bud into something more? Or will it shrivel up even more? Read "Lies - An Ashton Irwin Fanfiction" to find out.


2. Memories

I ran backstage, high-fiving everyone before I finally got to lay down on a couch. "So fucking tired." I mumbled, placing a cold water bottle on my head. I longed for another cigarette but I told myself no. I couldn't go back to addiction.

I settled down in the lounge just playing around with some video games when my manager walked in. Great. Usually when he came in he told me to stay out of trouble, which was impossible for me. But, this time it was different. 

"It is with great pleasure that I'm telling you right now." He trailed off. "You're performing at the iTunes Music Festival!" He smiled. My face lit up with happiness and I stood on my feet to hug him. "That's amazing Adam." I said crying with happiness into his shoulder. I took some time to take it all in and calm down again. After about half an hour, my stylist, Ollie, stood in the doorway.

"Brie, you have to get out of here for the meet and greet." Ollie said from the lounge doorway. His orange hair was ruffled under his beanie. Wearing only boxers and skinny jeans, leaving his upper half exposed. "Well let's go then." I sighed as I got up. We pulled on our boots before I followed his steps up stairs, and out of the venue. We were escorted onto the bus by security.

After begging Ollie to put a shirt on, he finally did. Making me let out a huff of relief. I could not let my fans see him like that, they would probably die of abs, v-line and hotness.

"Hey I hear 5SOS is having a meet up near yours." Ollie smirked from the kitchen. I groaned, putting my hand over my eyes. "Don't even say their name." I gagged. He laughed. Making me shake my head in disgust. "Man up." He chuckled. I shook my head as a smile crept onto my face.

The bus came to a stop before I ran down the stairs and onto the concrete. I saw a load of fans behind a metal barrier. Most of them had signs and t-shirts with my face on them. I put my hand over my mouth, trying to cover my laughs. Happy laughs. I took my seat at the table as the fans started to line up.

They told me stories of how inspirational my music was. How I saved them. And it honestly made me feel amazing. That was my main goal in life, to inspire people through music. I always said that when I was on the X Factor. And I can now say I've achieved that for some people. 

I went through all of the fans there who had a wristband and I waved at the ones who didn't. I started to get really tired. 

As the meet-up ended, the fans started to trickle down the streets. 

Resting my head on Ollie's shoulder, I heard someone call my name. "Sorry. I'm late hopefully you'll still take the time." A boy with white hair said nervously. "Of course." I smiled, taking a glance at his eyebrow piercing.

We talked for a little bit. About music and the industry. "I love your music. You're really good on the guitar." He said. "Thanks! What's your band name?" I asked, getting ready to sign the album he brought. My heart froze at the words. "5 Seconds Of Summer." He said warmly. My mouth fell open and I dropped the sharpie in my hand. His voice cracked through my brain, "Is-is everything alright?" He asked. "I'm sorry. I have to go." I shook my head before getting up. "Oh. Okay. I guess I'll dm you then?" He asked. I nodded abruptly before running onto the tour bus. I grunted as I barrelled my way through the bus and to the fridge.

"Brie. You can't just keep running away. Someday you'll have to face him you know!" Ollie yelled at me. I was a mess. I had grabbed a cigarette and before that I had 4 shots of vodka. 

"I will not talk to him." I said, alcohol resting on my breath. "You're drunk." Ollie protested. "Almost." I said tipping the cigarette at him whilst getting up. He snatched it out of my hand before taking a drag and gagging in disgust. I groaned. Taking the vodka bottle out of the fridge before stepping off of the tour bus, Ollie following close behind me.

"Oh! Hello. You want a picture?" A familiar sounding voice perked. I looked at him. Long and hard. At the time he was signing autographs and taking pictures. Taking a deep breath, I took another swig of the vodka before approaching the curly-haired mess of a man and pushing the bottle into Ollie's hands. "Can I have a picture?" I smiled at him warmly. Or so I tried. His expression changed from happy to shocked, concerned and heartbroken in less than 2 seconds. He stood there in what seemed to be pain. "Ok fuck it. Whatever." I chuckled before bringing the vodka bottle away from Ollie's hand, to my lips and sipping. Bringing a burning sensation to my throat. I started to walk away but I was stopped by two hands on my shoulders. Of course he would do this.

I spun around only to be faced with my worst nightmare. Irwin. "What are you doing here?" He whispered. I rolled my eyes, motioning Ollie over. Pulling my cigarette box out of my jean pocket and asking for a lighter, Ollie delightfully lit the cigarette for me, which was now in-between my teeth. I took a drag before waving Ollie off. Blowing the smoke out into Ashton's face, I finally asked him, "What do you want lover boy?" I smirked.

He coughed a couple of times before glaring at me. "Why are you here?" He grumbled. "Same reason as you." I smirked. Bringing the cigarette to my lips again as I stumbled, looking for balance. 

He shook his head In disbelief. "You? Famous?" He questioned. "Haven't you heard? Brie Bunting?" He nodded yes. I blew another puff of smoke before snickering, "Same person as you used to be." I smiled. "You haven't changed either." He said smugly, flushing his cheeks red and pushing his hands into his pockets. "Oh but I have." I smirked. "And how so-" he was cut off by a boy about my height 6ft. with black hair and a few freckles. "Ash what are you doing? She looks like a stoner." He whispered, hoping I wouldn't hear him even though I did. I rolled my eyes and started to walk back to my bus. He grabbed my wrist. "Look, give me your number and we can talk later." I slurred before taking a seat on the bus steps. His grip vanished from my wrist. Good.

Within seconds, our numbers were in each-other's phones. I was a bit tipsy at the time but I knew what I was doing and I kind of missed Ashton to be honest.

I made my way through the bus and rolled into my bunk before peeking out the window, seeing Ashton and Ollie talking. They exchanged numbers and I huffed before getting up and butting my cigarette in a tray. Throwing it, as well as the box of about 15 others, into the trash. I headed back to my bunk. Tired and uneasy. Only stopping to finish the bottle of vodka and throw it in the garbage. What have I gotten myself into? I haven't a clue.

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