Lies - [Ashton Irwin]

Their love disintegrates. Slowly, but surely. When they both find their way to stardom, they will meet again. Will their past love bud into something more? Or will it shrivel up even more? Read "Lies - An Ashton Irwin Fanfiction" to find out.


3. Joyful Mornings

The next morning came around and I knew the news reports would be crazy as hell. I mean for God's sake, I drank straight from a vodka bottle and smoked a cigarette. But, instead of checking my amount of Twitter followers, I decided to get some breakfast. Me getting out of my bunk was a struggle to say the least. I almost fell straight out of it before realizing I had to at least be holding onto something. Then I groaned before planting my feet onto the wooden floor. It was a joyful, hangover morning.

I made my way into the lounge area of the bus and started to scavenge out some Advil from the cupboard. I couldn't have news reports about me being a total misfit then, the next morning looking like a streetwalker on my way to the nearest Tim Hortons. At least I was decent enough to know that. So after dozing off for about half an hour on the couch, I urged myself to get up before my phone vibrated and played the ringtone I set for any text message. I blew a huge breath of air out of my mouth before pushing myself out of the couch cushions and walking over to my bunk. I fumbled around under my pillow before grasping the rectangular shaped object and pulling it out from the dim space. The front screen read: "Unknown Number" and right away I knew I was dead, in trouble.

I unlocked my phone and the text message splayed across the screen before my eyes. 'Hi it's ashton.' It read. I tapped my finger on the side of my phone before coming up with a reply. 'Hey, I'm getting some breakfast in about 20 minutes? Care to join?' I tapped send and bit my lip before going to my suitcase and fishing out an outfit. Grey sweats, black tank top and a white cardigan. I also grabbed a grey beanie from a hook before going into the bathroom to get changed. I was stunned at my reflection.

I finally finished with my disastrous hair and I had my new clothes on before walking out into the lounge space. I picked my phone up again and waited a little for Ashton's reply. 'If you're on your way to Tim Horton's, then yes' his reply read. I typed up a simple answer, 'You know me and my canadian rep. It's on Beverly street, can't miss it.' before shoving my phone into my pocket and pulling my beanie on. Ollie probably knew where I was going anyways, so I didn't bother to leave him a note or anything. Finally, I sighed before making my way down the bus steps and opening the doors. I was now being swallowed and drowned by a sea of paparazzi.

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