The Only Reason

It's amazing how you can fall in love with a person you didn't even notice the first time you met them.


2. Chapter 1

I had just gotten off the plane and I was looking around for Calum. The plane ride had been so long and I was extremely sore from the small seats. "I hope he remembered when the flight landed." I mumbled to myself. "Nick!" I heard someone yell. I started to turn around but I was tackled to the ground within seconds. "Calum I really hope that's you." I laughed. "I'm glad it's you because if you were someone else this would be really awkward." Calum laughed. Calum got off of me and put out his hand to help me up. "It's been forever!" I exclaimed giving him a hug. Calum picked me up off the ground and spun around. "I know I've missed you so much!" Calum said. Even though we both lived in Australia, Calum was almost always out touring and doing his band stuff, making it almost impossible to see him.

"Let's go get the rest of your bags." Calum said taking one of the ones I had with me. "Let's go!" I said as we walked to the baggage claim. "So how've you been?" Calum asked. "I've been good. I'm a little nervous for college but I'll be good." I said. "How about you?" I asked him. "We've been doing a lot of banding and it's been really fun." Calum said. "I'm really looking forward to spending the Summer with you guys." I said happily. "I'm really glad you are too." Calum smiled.

The bags started coming out and I watched for mine. "Here's one." I said as I grabbed it. "Oh and here's the other!" I said grabbing the last one. "Now we're good to go!" I exclaimed. Calum grabbed another one of my bags and we started to leave.

It was a short walk to the parking lot and we had packed my bags into the car in no time. "You ready to deal with 4 crazy Australian boys for the Summer?" Calum asked when we got into the car. "It can't be that bad." I shrugged. "Well we don't know how to cook very well so that can be your job." Calum said. "Oh please, I've seen you cook before." I replied giving his shoulder a nudge.

I turned up the radio and we both rolled down our windows. The wind kept whipping by brown hair all over, including into my mouth. "Do you enjoy eating your hair?" Calum laughed. "Yeah, except for the taste." I replied. Calum and I both laughed as I continued to try and block my hair from my face.

Once we reached the house, my hair was a mess. "Well don't you look pretty." Calum teased as we got out of the car. "The prettiest." I laughed. I tried to fix my hair a little bit before we grabbed the bags. We walked up to the front door and Calum set down my bag and grabbed his key from his pocket. "Here we go, home sweet home." Calum said as we walked inside. "Hey guys, Nikki's here!" Calum yelled. Suddenly I heard the pounding of feet and saw 2 of the boys push their way in. "Hey Nikki." They both said. "Did you plan that?" I asked. "Of course they did. Try aren't that cool." Calum joked. I hadn't seen them in forever, it was probably about a year and a half at least since I'd properly hung out with them. "Incase you forgot, I'm Luke." Luke said. "And I'm Ashton." Ashton introduced. "Oh come on, how could I forget you guys?" I asked. Just then I heard more footsteps. "Is she here ye-" A boy who's name I thought began with an M said. "Hey I'm Michael."

For a second we just stared at each other, as if it were some sort of trance. "This is the part when you say your name." Calum whispered to me. "Oh y-yeah, I'm Nikki, or Nick doesn't matter." I said, feeling my face get hotter. "All right, now I'm gonna help Nikki unpack, but I gotta go do something really quick, any volunteers?" Calum asked.

"I'll do it." Michael offered quickly. He then took my bags from Calum. "I'll show you where your room is." He said.

I walked behind him as we went up the stairs and down a hallway. "Right here." He said nodding toward the door because his hands were full. I opened the door and it reveled a large blue room. "It used to be yellow but Calum was very determined to paint it blue before you came. He said it's your favorite color." Michael informed me. "Well it's good to know that he still remembers that after all this time." I joked. I knew he'd still remember something like that, that's what best friends are for.

"I gotta get working on a song for our album, but I'll be down the hall if you need anything babe." He said, giving me a wink, before turning to exit my room. A small gasp left my mouth an my checks heated up when he said that, and he noticed. He gave a small laugh before blowing me a kiss and exiting my room.

This was defiantly going to be an interesting Summer.

(A/N ok I haven been on in like 2 months but now I'm going to try and do this more often.)

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