Rebecca Wilson, at school she has her small group of close friends, is quirky and happily obsessed with Five Seconds of Summer.
But at home, her life is hell. She can't go out with her friends, can't do anything her parents don't approve of without getting physically punished.
One night, the punishment goes too far and she runs away from home. Her life is about to change forever, but will it be for the better, or the worse?


4. Chapter Three

I instantly froze and watched as the smiles spread across their faces when their eyes found me.

"Oh, Rebecca, there you are! We thought we'd lost you!" Mum said in false relief.

"When we heard about the concert we came straight away. We've been looking for you everywhere!" Dad said in relief just as false as Mum's.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ashton look at me, obviously thinking I'd gone to the concert without telling my parents.

"Well you didn't look very hard, did you. I've only been gone six months." I spat at them.

"Rebecca, you don't mean that, now come give your mother a hug, I've been worried sick." she said as she walked up to me.

Next to me, I felt Lia stiffen.

I looked around, trying to find an escape route.

But by the time I found a path to the door, she was standing right in front of me, smiling.

That changed in an instant, her expression suddenly changed to pure anger and hatred and her purse was slamming across my face, so hard it caused me to fall backwards.

Then her heels were stabbing into my stomach, my chest and sometimes, even my neck.


She screamed at me.

Tears were pouring from my eyes as I tried to get away and through my limited vision I saw Dad smiling from the door.

Every time I managed pull myself out of the reach of Mum's short legs, she just came closer and kicked harder.

I looked around as my feeble escape attempts became weaker and weaker, screaming for help. The security guard was trying to pull Mum off but she was whacking him away with her purse.

Lia and Jenna were crying, not knowing what to do, and Cassie and Beth were trying to pull me away.

Calum and Michael were yelling at Dad, although I couldn't hear what they were yelling through the pounding in my ears and Mum's screaming.

I couldn't see Luke or Ashton.

"HOW DARE YOU-" Mum was cut off by the security guard finally pulling her away.

Relief took over as I watched him pull her over to the wall and tie her hands behind her back.

My friends were asking if I was okay but I couldn't respond, I was trying not to cry too hard because the sobs sent stabbing pain through my chest and my stomach.

Then I looked up and saw that Dad had moved over to where Mum stood by the wall, guarded by Michael and Calum as the security guard called for back up. Both parents were looking at me, the looks on their faces evil and not quite satisfied.

I suddenly didn't want to look weak so I sat up and, despite the pain, scrambled to my feet.

The looks on their faces instantly changed to angry and any trace of satisfaction disappeared.

They looked scary, more scary then before anyway.

"Not that I want to, but we should probably go." Lia said, looking at my parents, her eyes full of hatred.

The others and I all mumbled agreements and went over to Michael and Calum to say goodbye.

"I'll just call Luke and Ash, see where they are." Calum said and walked away from the group to call them, leaving us with Michael.

"Well, goodbye Michael," Beth said as she hugged him. "And thanks for letting us touch your hair." she added giggling.

As the others talked to Michael, I noticed that the security guard was no longer in the room and that my parents were no where to be seen.

Thinking that the guard must have taken them away, I went back to talking to Michael with the others.

"It'd be cool to see you guys again." Jenna was saying.

"Yea, we should try and get meet and greet tickets for your next Sydney show!" Lia exclaimed, getting excited over the idea.

Michael chuckled. "It would be cool to see you guys again, but don't go broke over us, okay?" he told us seriously.

"Too late." Cassie said and we all laughed as Michael put one hand over his face.

"Fangirls." he muttered before laughing along with us.

The laughing caused my ribs and stomach to hurt and a leaned over, pretending to be laughing really hard but actually trying to cover my pain, not wanting to ruin the night for everyone else.

But of course Lia noticed.

"Okay, well, we really should go." she said, motioning to me.

"Yea, actually I think we should get her to a hospital." Beth told the others as she looked at the way I was holding my side and struggling to stand.

"No guys I'm fi-" I was cut off as somebody grabbed my arm and pulled me around so I was facing away from the others.

I was now looking up at my father.

Suddenly I was on the ground, yet again, seeing stars. He'd punched me.

I heard screams as the others realised what was going on and laughter, coming from my father and my mother who was standing behind Dad.

The guard hadn't taken them away, they'd been hiding.

I put my hand to my face and felt something warm and sticky, blood.

I looked up and saw a booted foot coming straight for my face.

I tried rolling away but he still got the side of my head, so hard I was surprised I hadn't blacked out. Although it wouldn't be long before I did.

I could only see tiny pieces of the room around small gaps in the blackness that took most of my vision.

It certainly wouldn't be long before I blacked out and, quite honestly, I couldn't wait. It would mean getting away from the pain that seemed to be burning me.

I tensed as I waited for the next blow. And the next. And the next.

I knew people were trying to pull my father away because sometimes his kicks would be uneven, but he kept coming.

After what seemed like an eternity but in reality was only a minute or so, the blows suddenly stopped.

Then I felt arms underneath me as someone picked me up and threw me over their shoulder.

I screamed and opened my eyes which I had closed to try and hide my tears.

Looking down I saw black skinny jeans and a shirt, still slightly sweaty from being on stage for hours.

I still wasn't quite sure who it was as I was having a hard time remembering the last few hours.

As whoever was carrying me went through a door, I pushed myself into a position that allowed me to see what we were heading away from.

We were running down a hallway with Luke running behind.

He grimly smiled at me and I looked behind him to see my friends, basically sprinting to keep up with the long legs of these two boys.

Even further away, by what I assumed was the doorway to the meet and greet room, Michael, Calum and two security guards were holding back my mother and father, both of them were trying to pull away as they screamed after us.

I let myself fall back against what I now knew to be Ashton's back as the pain became too overwhelming and fresh tears stream down my face.

We ran down another three hallways before running into a room, this one also had couches but was smaller and had what seemed like a much more secure door.

Ashton carefully put me down on one of the couches and then went to shut and lock the door after my friends and Luke who had just come in, panting and trying to catch their breath.

"Oh my god Becca, are you okay!" Beth gasped, seeing all the blood that covered my face and clothes.

They all crowded around me, worrying and cursing my parents to live in hell.

"I wouldn't overwhelm her girls." Ashton said from the chair he sat in, running his hands through his hair.

Slowly the others moved around what appeared to be the boy's dressing room, either taking seats or looking around the room.

"Are Michael and Calum okay?" Beth asked and Cassie nodded, obviously wanting to know too.

I almost laughed, Beth loved Michael and Cassie was completely obsessed with Calum.

"They'll be here in a minute, they just need the get those monsters under control." Ashton said, growling when he mentioned my parents.

"Speaking of your parents, why were they here in the first place."

"Um, shouldn't we be concentrating on getting Becca to hospitals, not worrying about why her parents are here?" Jenna asked and I shot her a grateful smile, I really didn't want to tell them about my awful life.

"I already called an ambulance, that's why we disappeared before, but they won't be able to get here until the police have taken her parents outside." Luke answered.

"In the meantime, I am quite curious about why they were here in the first place, sorry, but when violent parents burst in on your meet and greet, you kinda wanna know why." he added looking at me.

I sighed, wincing as I did so, before answering.

"Ever since I was ten years old my parents have been physically abusing me whenever I do something wrong.

"I wasn't allowed to wear clothes I wanted, I had to talk in a certain way, I had to get good grades. I had to make them look good.

"One day I decided I'd had enough so I walked into the house wearing a band tee and some skinny jeans. That caused them to really angry and when I tried to explain my reasons for wearing those clothes, they started hitting and kicking me. They broke three of my ribs." I explained, looking away from everyone.

"When was this?" asked Michael who had been let in by Luke around halfway through my short explanation.

"Six months ago." I said quietly.

"So where have you been since then?" Calum, who had come in with Michael, asked.

"I've been with Lia, at her place."

"For six months?" Ashton asked, looking at Lia.

"Yea, I feel really bad because they look after me completely, like I'm their own daughter."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Hey, it's the paramedics, can we come in please?"

Cassie walked over and let them in as I looked at Luke and Ashton.

"I really didn't need an ambulance you know."

"Your bleeding." Ashton said almost sassily.

"Was bleeding, from my nose." I replied as I was moved onto a stretcher.

"Well their here now, so let them put you in the ambulance and get you to hospital and we can talk about this later." he told me as I was lifted up and was carried towards the door.

"There will be no need to talk about this later." I retorted watching him as he got up to walk alongside my stretcher with my friends and the other boys.

"And what do you mean by later?" I asked because I probably wouldn't see them later.

"Do you really think we're just gonna send you off in an ambulance and then forget about you?" Luke asked and then, without giving me time to respond, Ashton added, "No, we are coming to the hospital to make sure you really are fine."

"Guys you don't hav-" I started but was cut off by Michael.

"Yes we do, now shut up and get in the ambulance." he instructed seriously but whilst smiling cheekily at me.

I did as I was told and stayed still so the nurses could get me into the ambulance.

But just before they slid the stretcher in, I saw a police man shove my parents into the back of a car.

A flood of relief washed through me.

They'd been caught.

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