Rebecca Wilson, at school she has her small group of close friends, is quirky and happily obsessed with Five Seconds of Summer.
But at home, her life is hell. She can't go out with her friends, can't do anything her parents don't approve of without getting physically punished.
One night, the punishment goes too far and she runs away from home. Her life is about to change forever, but will it be for the better, or the worse?


8. Chapter Six

I was woken the next morning to Cassie shaking me gently.

"Becca, we have to finish packing before Lia's parents get here." she said gently.

I just groaned at her.

I could hear the sound of the others slowly moving around, either going through their morning routines or packing, I wasn't about to open my eyes to check.

"Come on Becca, its nine o'clock. There's literally only another eight to ten hours till you'll be in the 5SOS house!" Lia called from what sounded like the other side of the room.

"Give me a minute, I'll be up soon." I grumbled. Yea, I was excited to live with the four boys who literally gave me the courage to break out of the prison I used to call home, but I was also extremely nervous.

For one thing, I barely even knew them, now I was going to live with them.

Eventually though, my excitement won over and I dragged myself out of bed and grabbed the clothes I'd left out for myself the night before.

After Mum and Dad had left, we'd packed everything that we wouldn't be needing in the morning. That meant the clothes we wouldn't be wearing and anything else we weren't planing on using.

But now we had to pack everything else.

I went into the bathroom to get changed before waking back out so I could help the others pack up the camping mattress and blankets they'd been using over the week.

"Shit!" I heard Lia mutter, "Guys we only have ten minutes before Mum and Dad get here!" she then called out.

That got us all rushing to pack anything we hadn't yet put away. For me that meant my toothbrush, my chargers and the pyjamas I'd been wearing the night before.

We literally finished packing two minutes before they knocked on the door.

"You kids better be packed because the boys are getting here in ten minutes." we heard Dad call from the corridor.

"But I thought they were letting me out in two hours." I said after I'd opened the door for them.

"The hospital it too full so they need to get as many patients out as possible." Mum explained, looking around the room as she hugged me, making sure we really were packed.


"Come on, we'd better start getting your bags down to the car." Dad said, picking up the bags closest to him, which happened to be Beth's, and talking them down to the car.

We all picked up our own bags, except for Beth who just grabbed a blanket, and walked down the hall and to the elevator, leaving Mum in the room to collect our phones which were the only things we'd left lying around.

"I get to press the button this time!" Jenna sang.

"No you don't, it's my turn!" Lia said, pushing I front of her.

Over the past week, we've been taking it in turns pressing the button of the elevator whenever we have to use it. Yup, just like three year olds. We aren't normal.

"Guys, I'm pretty sure it's Jenna's turn." Cassie told them timidly. Number one rule of being friends with Lia and Jenna: don't get in the way of either of them doing something they want to do, even if it is just pressing the button for an elevator.

"See." Jenna said triumphantly to Lia.

Lia was about to object so I quickly put in, "Guys, seriously, so we really have to fight over this?"

Wrong move, I now had both of them turned to glare at me.

"What? It is a bit ridicules, fighting over who gets to press the elevator button." I told them defensively.

After a short pause, Jenna announced, "Cassie said it's my turn so-" and she lunged towards the button and was just about to press it when the doors slid open, revealing four tall and very familiar boys.

They stopped their conversation when they saw us, frozen in place, Jenna with her fingers on the button, Lia with her arms positioned to push her out of the way, and the rest of us behind them, openly gaping as we looked in between the two girls and the four boys still in the elevator.

Lia hastily dropped her arms and Jenna stepped away from the button.

The boys just burst out laughing, already knowing what had been happening.

They walked out of the elevator, still laughing, and giving each of us a hug.

"Still trying to figure out who's turn it is to press the button hey?" Michael asked, looking at us all.

"Yea..." we all said, Beth, Cassie and I looking at Lia and Jenna who were blushing.

"What were you going down there for anyway?" Ashton asked, eyeing the bags we were carrying, "Your not due out for another two hours." he added, looking right at me and making me gulp. That stare was very intimidating.

"I'm getting let out early, the hospital is too full so they need to get people out so they can treat new patients." I explained, managing to keep eye contact with him and not look away.

"Right," he said after eyeing me suspiciously, "well then I guess we'd better get your stuff into the van so we can get you signed out." he said, grabbing one of my bags off me. It didn't seem like he completely believed me, but he wasn't about to make me stay the extra two hours just in case.

"Your dads already at the car by the way." Calum told Lia and I.

He pressed the button to open the now closed elevator doors and we all walked in.

It was quite crowded, nine of us stuffed in along with bags we were carrying. But it only got worse, two floors from the ground level, when an elderly lady with a walking frame managed to fit herself in the small elevator with us.

I was uncomfortably caught in between somebody's arm and the leg of the walking frame for at least three minutes while the elevator slowly descended.

When we finally reached the ground floor and the lady managed to push her way out the doors, the rest of us basically fell out after her, muttering about hospital elevators being too small.

"Well, since that's over with, we'd better get this stuff in the cars." Michael said, glaring over his shoulder at the closed silver doors.

We all walked across the lobby and outside to the parking lot, looking around for Mum and Dad's car which was, thankfully, not too far from the hospital doors.

We managed to fit most of out stuff in the boot of the car but we weren't able to get my bags in. That didn't matter too much because, as Ashton pointed out: "She's coming to live with us in a few hours so we can just put her stuff in the van."

So that's what we did.

Luke opened up the back door of the big silver van and carefully put my stuff in amongst some of their spare instruments in the large boot.

"Is that everything?" he asked afterwards.

"No, I think Mums just bringing the rest if it down now." Lia said, pointing towards the hospital and the lady walking out, carrying some blankets and what looked like the camping mattress. Mum.

"We can get that in the back of the car if the girls ride with you boys." Dad said, having walked from the car to the van.

"Sure." Ash said, calculating wether we could all fit.

Luckily its a big van so the four boys and the five of us girls would be able to fit.

Happy that everything was ready to go, we went back inside to get me signed out before we left.


"Everyone get in the van, we're taking you home." Luke told us all, a creepy smile on his face.

"Well, of all the people to take me home, I'm glad it's you guys and not some random pedos." Lia said as she walked past him so as to climb into the large silver van.

I follow her to into the row of seats behind the driver and looked around as everyone else filed in after us.

The van is large enough to hold ten people; the driver and a passenger in the front, three in the row behind and two behind that. Next to the two seats is an empty space on the side so that people could get through to the last row which can hold three people, in which Michael and Calum were already sitting.

Jenna and Cassie sat in the two seat row behind Lia, Beth and I.

Luke sat in the front passenger seat.

"How do you know we aren't pedos?" Ashton asked as he got into the driver seat.

"Well..." Lia said, thinking, "You wouldn't be random if you were, we knew you existed before now but if you were random pedos then we wouldn't have known you existed until... well... until you took us home." she finished slightly awkwardly.

"Okay so we might be pedos but we're not random." Luke said to Ashton as we pulled out of the car park.

"Sounds about right. What do you guys think?" Ashton calls to Calum and Michael.

I turn around in my seat to see Calum nod but Michael shakes his head.

"I think we need to take the 'might be' out of it." he says causing everyone to laugh.

"Let me out," Jenna managed to say between laughs, "I'm about to get raped by people who aren't One Direction!"

"We can arrange for that." said Ashton who was trying not to laugh too hard so he didn't crash the van.

Jenna, shocked into silence, sat gaping at Ashton as if he'd just grown two extra heads. The expression on her face just made the rest of us laugh harder while she stuttered, trying to find words to reply.

We laughed the rest of the ten minutes back to Lia's house. Every time one of us managed to stop laughing we'd look at the others with their bright red faces and start laughing again.

"Okay guys, we should probably get out so that Becca can pack up her stuff." Ashton told us when we got to Lia's house behind Mum and Da, before jumping down from his seat and walking around to open the middle door for Beth, Lia and I.

"Thanks Ash." Beth said, climbing out and walking past him.

I climbed out next, still laughing so hard that I toppled over as soon as my feet hit the ground.

Luckily I fell into Ashton rather then hitting the ground.

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I told him around a new fit of giggles.

He looks down at me, still half fallen and leaning against him while I try not to fall further, and broke into another fit of laughter.

"No more sugar for you today." he told me, wrapping his arms around my shoulders to help me stand.

I pouted jokingly, "But I like sugar."

"I'm on Ashton's side Becca." Lia said from behind me in the van, "Now move so I can get out."

Ashton pulls me away from the door and let's me go, but not before making sure I was still steady on my feet.

I smiled gratefully at him and looked around to see that everyone else had climbed out of van.

We were here so that I, with the help of the girls, could pack all my stuff and we could load it into the back of the van.

The girls will then come with me to the boys' house to help me settle in and they will possibly stay the night as well.

"Alright girls, let's get inside and start packing Becca's stuff." said Ashton before he pushed us all towards the front door of Lia's house.

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