Rebecca Wilson, at school she has her small group of close friends, is quirky and happily obsessed with Five Seconds of Summer.
But at home, her life is hell. She can't go out with her friends, can't do anything her parents don't approve of without getting physically punished.
One night, the punishment goes too far and she runs away from home. Her life is about to change forever, but will it be for the better, or the worse?


2. Chapter One

After I had snuck out of my 'parents' house, my best friend, Liana Springs and her parents welcomed me into their house as if I was there own daughter.

Mr and Miss Springs have always accepted me and always told me that if I ever needed somewhere to go, they would always welcome me.

And so I had come here, although I felt bad for it because they completely support me.

Over the six months that I've lived here, they have paid for my food, my school fees, my clothes and everything else.

But every time I tell them that I could pay for myself because I have a part time job now, then insist that I don't worry.

I was sitting on my bed in the room that I now share with Liana, watching TV when she walked.

"Becca, hurry up and get ready, we're leaving soon."

I groaned "I forgot, we're going shopping aren't we."

"Yup and we are leaving in ten." Liana chirped before skipping from the room.

I groaned again as I got up, I had completely forgotten about the shopping trip that Liana and I were going on with our best friends Cassie, Bethany and Jenna.

We were going to find outfits to wear to the Five Seconds of Summer concert we were all going to in a few weeks.

Walking around Liana's bed, I walked into the walk-in-robe that her dad, Mr Springs had built, along with a small bathroom, onto Liana's room when I had moved in so that we had enough room for all our clothes.

It was the middle of Summer, and besides, I didn't feel like wearing skinny jeans so I chose some frayed edged, light grey shorts. I matched them with a white tank top that had a read heart that said 'My heart chose Ashton' in white cursive lettering over it.

I couldn't find the shoes I wanted so I walked out of the wardrobe and into the bathroom to do my make-up.

When I was done, I went downstairs to look for my shoes.

"Lia?" I called out as Liana only lets her parents call her by her full name.

"Yea?" she called from the living room.

"Have you seen my red Vans?" I asked as I walked into the room to see her texting Bethany.

She just shrugged.

"I think I saw them by the front door hun." Miss Springs told me kindly as she walked in from the kitchen.

"Thanks Mum." For the first couple months that I lived with them, Mr and Miss Springs had encouraged me to called them Mum and Dad and after awhile, I started calling them as such as I figured that they treat me much better then my real parents and they treat me like their daughter so why not? Plus, it helps me forget that I actually have other parents.

I walked into the entrance hall and saw my Vans by the door, just as Miss Springs had said.

I slipped them on and waited for Lia to determine when we were meeting the others.

We said goodbye to Mr and Miss Springs and Lia's thirteen year old sister, Anna.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you girls?" asked Miss Springs.

"No Mum, Cassies driving us. But thanks for the offer." Lia told her as we walked out the door and sure enough, Cassie's car was waiting for us in the driveway.

Lia climbed in the passenger seat and I hoped in the back.

"Hey Cassie." We both greeted and she said it back.

We then drove off, picking up both Jenna and Bethany on the way to the shopping centre.

Cassie, Bethany, Jenna and I were sitting on a bench outside the changing room in a band merchandise store, waiting for Lia to come out and show us the outfit she was thinking of buying.

After a few minutes, Bethany and I go bored of waiting so we got up to look at some more clothes.

After waking around for a while, I saw something that I thought would look great on Bethany.

"Hey Beth," I called.

Like Lia, Bethany doesn't like us using her full name.

"Come over here for a minute." I called again.

She walked around the row of clothes she had been looking at and came over, stoping when she got to where I was standing.

I pointed at the white tank top with a round Five Seconds of Summer

logo in black.

"It would go perfectly with that black skirt you bought earlier." I explained as my reason for her to look at it.

She gasped as she realised what I meant.

"I'm going to try it on." She smiled happily as she found her size and walked into a free changing room.

Not long after, Lia walked out dressed in a white t-shirt with a picture of each of the boys. One of the ones you can find on the 5SOS official store.

She had put it with similar shorts to the ones I was wearing and with white silver flats.

"Omg Lia, that is perfect!" Jenna half squealed as she ran up to Lia and started examining the shirt which look amazing with her curly blond hair.

"Only took three hours for one of us to find the right outfit." Cassie joked, also examining Lia's outfit.

"Lia, you look amazing." I assured her as she looked at me with a look that clearly asked if she really did look as good as the others said.

Just then, Beth walked out if her room.

We all turned around and just stared at her outfit.

She was wearing the tank top I had pointed out to her and a black, high waisted skirt with black high top Converses.

With her long brown hair over one shoulder, she looked stunning.

"Beth, that's is beautiful!"

"Wow, that's perfect!"

"Omg you look stunning."

We all gushed at the same time.

"You guys really think so?"

"Yes!" We said in sync.

She blushed slightly before saying she should change and walking back into the change room.

When she came back out, the five of us walked up to the counter so Lia and Beth could pay for their stuff.

After walking around for another few hours, most of us had found our outfits.

Cassie had a red singlet with a black tally logo and some blue skinny jeans. She had some red and white high-tops at home that she wanted to wear with her new outfit.

Jenna had found a white short cut shirt with a galaxy logo and white canvas shoes but still needed either some pants or a skirt.

And I had a pair of skinny jeans that had a medium shade or grey at the edges but faded to a really light, almost white shade in the middle. But couldn't find anything to go with them.

"You know what," I said to no body in particular "I think I'll just wear one of my old band tees."

"Becca, I wouldn't if I were you." Lia told me.

"Why, we are just going to a concert. Why do we even need to buy special outfits anyway?" I asked, slightly fed up with walking around and not being able to find anything.

"Well, we are getting special outfits because we aren't just going to the concert." Jenna explained slowly.

"What do you mean we aren't just going to the concert?" I asked looking at Beth who just shrugged, she didn't seem to know either.

"Well, we kinda won tickets to the meet and greet and-" Lia started but I cut her off.


"We won tickets to the meet and greet."

"How?" I was getting really excited but wasn't sure how they managed to get five meet and greet tickets.

Well, there was a thing on the radio, whoever got to a certain building first could get as many ticket as they want as long as it was no more then five.

So Jenna and I went and managed to get there first 'cos we were only like, two streets away." Lia explained, showing me her phone which said that we had only an hour left until we had to be home.

"Now, we have to find you a shirt and some shoes and Jenna either some shorts or a skirt."

"I know a store and everything it sells is 5SOS stuff." Jenna said, basically dragging Lia and Beth who grabbed me and Cassie.

Jenna was right, the store was called Summer Time and as soon as we walked in, Jenna found a skirt that was exactly the same pattern as the logo on her shirt, and had a round logo on the bottom left side.

She grabbed a pair of purple high heeled boots and then ran into the change room.

After walking around for a while, looking at row after row of 5SOS band tees, I heard Cassie call me. I went over to where she stood holding a dark, almost black, tunic shirt that said 'Good Girls are Bad Girls that Haven't Been Caught' in white typewriter font.

"Oh Cassie, it's perfect." I gasped as I hugged her tightly. "Thank you."

I got to the change room just as Jenna walked out, looking stunning with her dark brown, wavy hair against the galaxy pattern of her outfit.

"Jenna, you know the best stores." I smiled as I hugged her too, before running in to change.

My reflection in the mirror didn't look like me at all. Well, not like the old me that used to wear the clothes that my so called parents bought for me.

Not in the ripped, faded jeans and the black Vans that I had worn into the house on the night I fled to Lia's.

I walked back out to show the others before changing again and going up to the counter with Jenna so we could pay.

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