Rebecca Wilson, at school she has her small group of close friends, is quirky and happily obsessed with Five Seconds of Summer.
But at home, her life is hell. She can't go out with her friends, can't do anything her parents don't approve of without getting physically punished.
One night, the punishment goes too far and she runs away from home. Her life is about to change forever, but will it be for the better, or the worse?


6. Chapter Five

I finally had all of my needles and tubes removed and we, meaning Lia, Beth, Michael, Luke and I, were sitting in the small hospital cafeteria, waiting for our order to be prepared. The others had decided to wait in the room so we had to get lunch for everyone.

"Urg, school goes back in a week." Lia complained.

"At least we didn't get much homework, I got all mine done in the first few days." Beth said, sounding quite relived by that.

"Yea but we still have another term of these subjects." I put in.

"I remember having school problems." Michael said.

"Yea but you dropped out, and before you did, you were never at school." Lia reminded him.

"Oh yea, Becca, now that we are your legal guardians, you won't be dropping out." Luke told me, grinning evilly.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't if I tried, I'd hate you." I groaned.

The boys laughed but I pointed to Lia and Beth, "That means you guys can't drop out either.

Before either of them could reply, the cook called out our number and we had to go collect our food.

This proved quite difficult because of how much the boys had ordered. Each one of them eats as much as two girls every meal, meaning that the five of us had to carry enough food for thirteen people.

Slowly, we made our way back to the hospital room, almost dropping the food many times along the way.

"GUYS, OPEN THE DOOR AND LET US IN!" Michael yelled out when we got to the door, earning us weird looks from two visitors as they walked past.

The door was opened by Ashton who smiled widely at the sight of the food, showing his deep dimples, "Took you guys long enough." he complained, stepping back to let us pass.

"It's not our fault you guys eat enough to feed an entire family for a week in one meal." Lia retorted as Jenna, Cassie, Calum and Luke took their food from us.

"Four teenage boys and you expect us not to eat a lot." Michael said, shaking his head as he sat on the arm of Beth's chair and started eating.

The rest of us copied his actions and sat, digging into the warm hospital food.

"So guys," Cassie started, looking at those of us who had just walked in, "Jenna and I were talking to Cal and Ash while you were gone and we found a 'flaw in the plan' I guess you could call it."

"And that is?" Luke asked quizzically.

"Well, what's Becca gonna do when you guys are on tour?" Jenna asked the boys.

"She's right, we didn't really think about that." Ashton said.

"Well, um, we could find people she could stay with, maybe Liz could take her..."

The boys launched into a massive conversation about who I could stay with, mentioning their families, trusted friends, at one point they even discussed me staying with my friends while they are away.

Eventually though, they gave up and decided to think about it when they were sure I would be staying with them permanently.

Just as they finished talking, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it!" Jenna chirped, obviously happy to get up and do something, even if that something was just crossing a room to open a door.

We all watched her as she did just that, practically skipping from the camping bed and stopping right in front of the white wooden slab that was the door to 'our' room.

"What?" she asked, noticing us all staring at her

"Nothing." we all said, hastily looking away.

Well, until she opened the door and the ringing voices of Mum and Dad filled the room.

Then we all looked again.

"Hello Jenna dear!" Mum said, pulling the brunet in for a one armed hug, the other was occupied by a large bag of lollies.

"Hi Mrs Springs." Jenna sang, "Hi Mr Springs!" she added with a wave in his direction.

"Here Jenna, would you open this form me?" Mum handed her the lollies and moved over to the lounge where Lia sat, still nibbling on the last price of her lunch.

Mum and Dad visit everyday, usually not for very long because they are always so busy, but long enough to be told about any new development in the plan and for them to tell us anything they've heard about my 'parent' court case.

They also bring food.

Mum goes around giving everyone, including the boys (Mum and Dad are very grateful to them for helping out with everything), a hug hello while Jenna opens the lollies and gives everyone a handful.

Once Mum and Dad had finished saying their hellos, Mum stopped and looked at Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum.

"Your fans," she starts, almost as if she were scolding them, "are making it very hard for people to get in and out of this place." she finished, basically glaring at them.

They groaned.

"So they found us then?" Calum asked although he already knows the answer, and Michael went to the window.

"Yup." he answers anyway, "Wow, there must be thousands of them down there."

"Well we'd better go down, maybe if we drive away they'll leave thinking we aren't coming back." Ashton wondered out loud, running a hand through his already messy, curly hair.

"We won't be able to come back today though." Luke said.

"We might be able to, but it'd be really late." Michael counters.

"Guys just go before the hospital starts getting complaints because patients can't get past the crowd of strangely dressed and screaming girls." Cassie interrupts them, laughing at how they have to discuss everything.

"You want us gone now do you?" Calum asked, pouting.

"No no, I'd just feel better if I knew the ambulances could get through." Cassie told him hastily.

"Shit! Didn't think about that!" Michael exclaimed.

With that, the four of them rushed around, collecting their stuff and saying hurried goodbyes to everyone, making sure to get another handful of lollies off Jemma each.

"We'll see you girls tomorrow, make sure your packed!" was the last thing we heard before the door shut behind them.

"Well that was abrupt." Lia said, staring at the door, loping another lollie into her mouth.

Mumbled agreement met her in response.

"They're right girls." Mum said suddenly, earning confused looks from us.

"You have to be packed by the time they get here tomorrow." she explained.

This time we groaned.

I'm getting released from hospital tomorrow at twelve in the afternoon which means that the room needs to be put back in it's previous condition.

That means work.

"We have to go now but we'll be back tomorrow around ten to make sure your ready to go." Dad said, looking down at his watch.

"Everything will be neat and tidy by the time you get here, promise." Beth said, making a cross over her hear me making us all laugh.

"It better be." Mum said threateningly but she was laughing too.

"Goodbye girls." they both called before heading out the door.

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