i dont know what happened.... hell i dont even know why it did. all i know is it kills me he kills me. the fact he never loved me. i have to face the fact that he used me. Before i was good. i wore boy shirts 3 sizes to big, sweats and had big glasses. i showed no skin. no i changed that. i changed every thing. my full name WAS Daisy hope joy. Now it is Veronica Marteniez. I got surgery so i no longer wear glasses. i wear crop tops shorts and vutt tight skinny jeans. He will regreat everything he ever did to me. on a scale 1-10 i was a -100 now im a 100000


3. old messages

hi this is an authors note :). sorry in i spell something wrong comment and tell me what you think thanks. also i need a new charector. so if you want to be in the story comment below and tell a little about yourself. and say what boy you like any thanks bye

          As i walked to class people would stare and whisper which got me annoyed. A pretty girl with black hair and red tips walked to me. '' Hi. My name is Salae.'' she said hugging me. '' Well i am captain of cheer leading and school president'' she grinned ear to ear.  ''Oh, well I'm Veronica and I don't have much of a story besides the fact that I'm new." I smiled. Then, at that moment i heard Louis annoying voice. When i turned to face him he stared intensely at me. Then i felt it was awkward so looked back at Salae

''What was all that all about?" i shrugged ''B.T.W. stay away from them. For some info Zayn is in love with hair but. he is bipolar. Liam seems nice and mature but really he is one of the biggest dick in school. Harry is cute of course but he is the school flirt. He cant stick to one girl for more than 1 week. Micheal is the bad boy. this is his 6th school in the past 3 months. Calum is a fighter but always get away with it. Ashton bully's everyone outside his 'gang'. But when he is with his friends he is a bit quiet. Every single girl likes him. I don't know how Luke and Niall get along with them. Luke is nice he may cheat thought" those word killed me inside may cheat? " But, usually he is loyal, smart, and trustworthy. Niall is everyone favorite. He started the gang. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to be their friend and to sit with them. Only if they all like you then you sit with them." I just nodded. My next class was P.E. Salae had spanish so we spit ways.

          One my way to class i heard a scream. So i ran the direction of the scream. There i saw Louis beat a old friend named James. I ran to them "STOP'" I pushed Louis off him. "Leave to class now" he nodded and left. " What was that for love?" he joked. I grabbed him by his throat. "DON'T FUCKING MESS WITH ME BOY. LISTEN AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY. I CAN BREAK YOU. SO STOP BEING SO DAMN COCKY. AND NO ONE EVER DESERVES TO BE TREATED THAT WAY" When I let go I felt eyes stare at me.

              when i turned i saw his little gang. i tried to walk away and hid the fact that i completely embarrassed my self in front f the boy i love. Then somebody grabbed my wrist. Frightened I turned completely. Then my eyes met Louis'. His eyes looked hurt. It looked like I just stabbed him. I wanted to hug him so badly and tell him it was okay but I couldn't.

"Someone told me those same exact words." Then I noticed the look. It was the same look I had when Louis broke my heart. Some one broke his heart too.

                 "Well..." I started off "Then that person was smart." I said walking away trying to to think about what just happened.

                      Then the bell rang great I missed that hole period. So I headed to lunch. I looked at the food gross. So I didn't eat looked around to find out where I'm sitting. Then i saw Salae motioning me to sit with her. I nodded and made my way over there. When I there I noticed all the jocks staring at me. I really don't know why. No one like me I'm ugly. The hate me the real me. When I sat down I felt someones arm wrap around me and kiss my check. I can regcanize that cologne anywhere.

"hey babe" i turned to kiss Luke.

"hey" he kissed back. "come sit with me" he practically begged like a little 5 year old. then it was pitch quiet and all eyes on us.

then a annoying doncaster accent yelled"what mind your own damn business"

it was quiet for a few more seconds and then everyone talked. "only if i could bring salae" i smirked knowing i was going to get my way. the boys at the same table as me had the jaws dropped and eyes wide open. he nodded and walked to the boys.

"omg girl that was amazing she never brings a girl over there much less her friend" she whispered."

"well he did now and come on before he changes his mind."

she nodded and i sat next to luke of course and salae sat next to liam awkwardly. when i went to the next period people would stare i was the queen of england. when school ended i wanted to walk but luke didnt let me. when i got im i found my old Iphone. then i saw louis messages.

boobear (louis)

sorry about today i truly am i understand if you hate me i love you really

sent july 12 2009

i dont remember reading this

to boobear:

trust me your going to regret this. do not fucking mess with me mate. i could and will break you. so i suggest stop being so damn cocky.

sent july 12 2009

now that  i remember saying. then i noticed one thing.

i gave my self away shit!!!


hey another authors note sorry i cant update a lot. comment like and favorite. sorry for the mispelling i just typed and publushed. i have to write a 5 page essay and turn it in tomorrow. i kkkinda forgot :/ ill trry to update again later on. hope you dony mind but ima call you guy diamonds

bye diamonds ily <3

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