i dont know what happened.... hell i dont even know why it did. all i know is it kills me he kills me. the fact he never loved me. i have to face the fact that he used me. Before i was good. i wore boy shirts 3 sizes to big, sweats and had big glasses. i showed no skin. no i changed that. i changed every thing. my full name WAS Daisy hope joy. Now it is Veronica Marteniez. I got surgery so i no longer wear glasses. i wear crop tops shorts and vutt tight skinny jeans. He will regreat everything he ever did to me. on a scale 1-10 i was a -100 now im a 100000


1. nightmares

                 i walked to him exited.i could see his cheecky grin which made me blush. i cant belive this. me the school loser is going out the the schools most popular boy. the captin of the football team a singer the perfect boy you see in the movies. it is a year since we have been going out. he laughs at me and pionts. he turns bright red. soon my smile quickly disapears. 'did you think this was real? Why would a girl like you ever go out with me. what makes you think i could ever love you?' i could fell tears run down my check. 'best fucking prank ever' he taunts. every where people keep taughting me. 'desprate daisy! desprate daisy!' they piont and yell.. some one even threw paperball at me. 

                  i wake up tears running down my face. im still taughted by those horrid memories. ever since that day i moved with my big siser vicky. she gave me a makeover. she paid so i could change my name, and get surgery so i dont wear glasses. tomorrow will be exacly one year since that happened. and the day i go back to that school. they will not notice me. i changed every aspect of me. my personality went to the dream daughter perfect student to a bad ass personality. some people might call it a 'IDGAF' personality. i have a different name it was daisy hope joy. now it is veronica davila. i dont dress the same.  i dont want to got tomorrow but i have to. i want to rub it in their face that they never got to me. they may not know who im but it it for me not them. i want to see how they thin of me now. 

i stare at the celling question filling my head. will they notice me? will i get bullied again? will anyone like me? what will he think of me? what about mu boyfriend think of me luke hemmings? he  goes there. he doesnt know about my past. i slowly dirfed to sleep.

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