i dont know what happened.... hell i dont even know why it did. all i know is it kills me he kills me. the fact he never loved me. i have to face the fact that he used me. Before i was good. i wore boy shirts 3 sizes to big, sweats and had big glasses. i showed no skin. no i changed that. i changed every thing. my full name WAS Daisy hope joy. Now it is Veronica Marteniez. I got surgery so i no longer wear glasses. i wear crop tops shorts and vutt tight skinny jeans. He will regreat everything he ever did to me. on a scale 1-10 i was a -100 now im a 100000


2. first day back.

                         i woke up at 6am. i had to get ready. first i took a shower. i washed my hair and my body. when i finished i blow dried my hair. when it was completly done i curled it.

 then i changed into my new outfit. i was a black los angeles muscle shirt black and white booty shorts blue jordans white bra and a brown leather pruse.

then i applied make up 

then i was ready i grabbed math with mr. hyde. when i walked in felt people stare at me. i only looked at the teacher. he was tall white blue eyes blonde hair he was dressed formal. with a tie black plants a whit button up shirt with a tie. then i handed him a note the principle gave me which read: this is your new student. she looks like trouble but he test scores are the highest in the contry. she refuses to skip ti high school. her name is veronica have her introuduce herself. 

         he shook my hand.' im mr hyde. tell us about you self then we will ask questions. give this to you next teacher.' he said handing the note back. i was shocked i didnt expect this. 'well first of all i do not care about what you think of me sorry i guess"then handes shot up.

       then i saw him louis. he wasnt with his old friends but 8 new ones one of them being luke. i pionted to the girl with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. 'well where did you get that top?"

'i got it at a store called wave. next?" 

'yeah, um are you single' a guy with curly hairand a deep dimple. 

'hey thats my girl' luke shouted 

'what ever' all the boys chanted 

'she is'

'well' i smirked ' what is your name?'

"harry' he winked

'well harry get your head out your ass and think of a normal question" i heard laughing from everyone even the teacher. most of the boys told me to answer the question. like what is up with that. even some girls. 'okay im not single luke and i are going out for 3 months already.'

'i thought you were turing gay turning al those girls away' louis joked i rolled y eyes

'louis friend with jet black hair with his hair quiffed back, ang big honey brown eyes asked anthoer question 'do you like girls too?'

'no i do not umm i dont have a problem with lesbians or anything but no"

then louis finally asked a question. 'who do you remind me of? you smile seems fimaliar?"

"well i dont know what the hell an i supposed to rread you mind? maybe my sister' i answered annoyed

'you dont like me do you?" he asked i shook my head telling him no.

then i sat down. i learned his friends names micheal cifford ashton irwin, calum hood. calum hood, harry styles, liam payn niall horan, zayn malik. and luke hemming this is going to be a long day

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