Two Souls Entwined { One Direction vampire story}

1 day.

24 hours.

1440 minutes.

86400 seconds.

One Whole day is all it took for Chloe’s, her aunt’s, friends’, and her five kings' existences to change forever just because two souls entwined.


2. The Day It All Changed

Two Souls Entwined {One Direction vampire story}

Chapter: 1


The Day It All Changed:



She remembered a quote her mother always told her before the war happened three years ago, '"What’s meant to be will always find a way, remember that, my sweet little one, please."'

Chloe let out a deep sigh, and then pulled the bed sheets off of her legs. She did this very slowly because of the lack of sleep from last night and back pain, which she has been feeling all week, nevertheless, she was used to the pain because of her status in her kingdom.

Her brown hair sheltered her pale face like a disguise. Removing her hair, Chloe walked to her tiny closet to pull out her normal outfit; black skinny jeans, black boots, and a black T-shirt. This was the outfit for all lower class humans.
How you can say that mother, she thought, pulling on her last black boot. When I am the only one of the Mitchells' family left that's not old or dead from those bloodsuckers!

This time around, Chloe didn't wait for her mother to recall that she had a baby girl that missed and loved her because Chloe knew the truth now. Also, another reason why was that she is turning eighteen today. Chloe had no time for fabricated faith any longer. She had spent too much time on it before. She had to move on now and focus on her life and not her mother coming back to her.

After taking a shower, brushing her hair and teeth, Chloe left the miniature farmhouse for Fry's. After she entered town's gate, she started to count the items on the list that her aunt Alice asked her to get last night, knowing she couldn't because the kings needed all the adults who have kids in their kingdom for something very important.



"A pound of meat, milk, four cups of tomato soup, and four things of eggs, please," Chloe said to the lady at the counter. She then looked up at the woman when she was looking down at her cat. The lady had bags under her gray eyes, her lips were dry, her hands looked dry, too, and her hair was starting to match her eyes.


The lady finally looked at Chloe and let out a loud, unladylike groan," Shouldn't an officer be watching you, young lady?" Chloe just shook her head." I have never been watched by an officer, ma'am."

Chloe was telling the truth; she never even seen one before. Her aunt didn't let her go out that much and when she did, Alice was always by her side, watching her closely. That's why Chloe was so stunned last night that Alice let her buy food today. This has never happened to her before and she was happy to get out of that small farmhouse.

This just made the lady roll her eyes, "Child, do not play games with me!" the woman shouted, making people look at them." Alice Mitchell is too old to have or take care of a child your age; it's the law for God's sake."

Chloe just blinked at the female." I-I've lived with my aunt since the war, ma'am." She nibbled on her bottom lip and pulled on the end of her T-shirt." What law are you speaking of again?"


At that moment, all the people in the building looked at her with disappointment. Chloe thought that this law must be that essential if everyone is this traumatized by her not knowing of it. She was starting to wish that she never came here.

"The unfortunate girl doesn't even know the rules." One of the kingdom's people said, by where counter seven was at on Chloe's left.

"King Harry will not be delighted with this news." A girl around Chloe's age said.

"Do you think she will have to go to the castle where King Harry will either execute her or make her his slave for life?" Her friend questioned, and then the two girls just sniggered and observed Chloe like a slice of meat. All the peoples' eyes were on her now, making Chloe feel uncomfortable very quickly.

What has my aunt got me into? She thought.

Why shame? Is this King Harry one of our monarchs I overheard about? Why would he kill me or make me a slave? Doesn't he know that I am permitted to move out now that I am eighteen-years-old? Chloe was truly jumbled with all of this. It just didn't make sense to her.

"Young lady, the law says that whoever is under twenty-one-years of age has to have a parent-older than 40 years of age-needs to live with an officer or.... Sometimes with the King themselves if the kings wants the child with them. What your aunt has been doing is against King Harry's law that he made two years ago. I will have to turn you into him." After she said that, she quickly hit a red button. Within ten seconds, eight vampire officers came into the place walking straight to them.

"What appears to be the problem, human?" One officer said to the lady, crossing his arms over his red clothes, clearly not liking being here with the two human females. When Chloe looked at his clothing, she remembered that red clothing stood for a Lord-meaning, second in command after the Kings themselves.

Just great, she thought with a grunt, an officer that's a Lord. What next?

The woman pointed her skeletal figure at Chloe," Her aunt, Alice Mitchell, broke King Harry's decree that he made two years ago." The Lord looked at Chloe with gleaming red eyes. He then gave her lethal smirk when he saw her startled expression across her face.

"Now, tell me young lady, is this true-and before you try to save your aunt, remember that if you lie to me, your aunt will die in the next 24 hours, if you don't recall that law, too."

I don't want my aunt to get in trouble, Chloe tried to not cry, however, I differently don't want her to die.

The Lord tapped his left foot on the ground, glaring at Chloe." We don't have all day, sweetheart!"

In shock because of how loud his voice got, Chloe took a step back, hitting one of the officers behind her. "I'm-I'm so sorry," she said to both men." I-I... It's true, my Lord." Chloe said, looking down at the floor, humiliated that she betrayed her only family left on this cruel Earth.


The man twisted his head to his right, giving the older lady a sly smile. "Thank you for your assistance, Emily. I will let the Kings know of what you have done and pay you."

She bowed her head at him and gave him the same twisted smile, "No, thank you, my Lord." she winked at him, making Chloe almost become sick." I always thought that Alice was breaking this decree and now to find out I was right-well, it just might be priceless. With all admiration, sir, I just wish Chloe would have lied to you." Emily then turned her head to Chloe and grinned. "However, I guess her sweet little angel will have to do for now."

To tell if the Lord was disturbed by the older lady's words, it didn't show a bit. It didn't even change his malicious smile upon his face. "My dear, I am taking her to King Harry. Not to death, however, if the King wishes that she dies-like the rest of the lower class-then I guess you will get your wish." The man kissed Emily's back hand and grabbed onto Chloe's shoulder, pulling her outside to a red car.

"Wait," Chloe barked, when he tried to put her in the car.

"What now!" The guy tossed his arms in the air, and then put them back on her shoulder.


"It’s-it's my eighteen birthday today." she said, hoping he would let her go for her birthday.


His eyes went from a dark shade of red to a bluish gray color. "I'm sorry-" he let out a cough," Happy birthday, Miss Mitchell." In a flash, his eyes went to red again and his sly smile was on his face once more." I do hope you have fun with King Harry." With that said he closed the car door and stepped back from it when it started to move.

"I guess there's no going back now." She said out loud to herself, closing her eyes and laying her head down on the seat.

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