Babysitting The Dark Lord (6+)

What will happen when I'm stuck with the Grangers' worst nightmare? This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. Mostly played for laughs. Hope you enjoy it; please tell me if you liked the use of Harry Potter in this Movella.


2. The Toddler

I am starting to see Hermione's point. At this point, the toddler was on a leash!

Finally, the leash gave way.

Furious, the toddler laid his teeth on my neck! Finally, I pushed him away. He went flying a short distance and landed hard on the sidewalk.

"Again! Dat bites," said the toddler.

What an idiot.

That's when we reached the house.

"What an ugly door."


I opened the door. "Now let me in and hush your mouth; your mouth's an insult to the south!" the toddler said loudly.

"Well, your mouth is an insult to the world," I countered.

"I said HUSH YOUR MOUTH!!!" the toddler screamed. "Move it! On the double! Hup, hup, hup!"

He quickly laid waste to the toy room. Finally, the toys burst into flame. Luckily I could put it out before it could spread to the entire house. But I lost every single toy I've ever owned!

"Your toys are pathetic," he said. "What a--TV!"

I had him just where I wanted him!

I activated the screen. It was a game show!

"Our first section," said the announcer, "is THE TODDLER!"

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