Babysitting The Dark Lord (6+)

What will happen when I'm stuck with the Grangers' worst nightmare? This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. Mostly played for laughs. Hope you enjoy it; please tell me if you liked the use of Harry Potter in this Movella.


1. The Granger House

I never really knew Hermione's parents. But one day, they called me.


"Hello. I have an important assignment for you."

"Really? Tell me more!"

"Come to my house. Then you will know."

"All righty. Bye."


I left the house and walked toward the Granger house. I finally arrived and knocked.

Mrs. Granger answered the door. "Oh, there you are, Isaac! I have an important job for you. The toddler. He is Hermione's brother."


Then I heard a shout from behind Mrs. Granger. "Don't listen! Don't do it! He is an official nightmare!"

"He just needs to be trained up, that's all," said Mrs. Granger, putting her hand up as a stop sign to Hermione. "I hear you're good with kids."

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