Babysitting The Dark Lord (6+)

What will happen when I'm stuck with the Grangers' worst nightmare? This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. Mostly played for laughs. Hope you enjoy it; please tell me if you liked the use of Harry Potter in this Movella.


4. The Face Of Voldemort

"Mmm," the toddler said, smacking his lips. "That tasted like a melted sucker!"

"So," the announcer said, (clearly avoiding the toddler's bizarre comment), "Have you shown your friend Isaac kindness, respect, or gratitude?"

"No," the toddler said. "And proud of it."

"Are you a shape-shifter?"


I gasped.

"Who do you shift into?"

"I cannot tell," said the toddler. His voice was starting to get low and hoarse. Okay, that's a little weird.

Is the Veritaserum not working?

The toddler turned off the TV. "Isaac!" he called in the same cold voice. "Prepare my Polyjuice Potion!"

"Your what?"


Suddenly, the toddler's nose disappeared, leaving only nostrils embedded in his face! Then his hands grew and his skin turned a grayish-pale. He grew until he was at least six feet tall, and his overalls transformed into a robe.

It was Voldemort.


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