Babysitting The Dark Lord (6+)

What will happen when I'm stuck with the Grangers' worst nightmare? This is my first Harry Potter fanfiction. Mostly played for laughs. Hope you enjoy it; please tell me if you liked the use of Harry Potter in this Movella.


5. Final Battle

I just stood there, frozen in shock. Mrs. Granger had asked me to babysit Voldemort!

Voldemort pointed his wand to his cheek. "Wormtail! Get in here."

In only moments, Wormtail arrived.

"My wand, Wormtail," said Voldemort.

"I don't have it!" said Wormtail in his usual drawling voice. "Use mine."

"Thank you," said Voldemort, snatching the wand. "Where is my wand?"

"I don't--" Wormtail began.

"I have it! Expelliarmus!" I shouted quickly, shouting the first spell that came to my head. Voldemort went flying across the room and landed at least twenty feet away from me. He got up and pointed Wormtail's wand at me. "Avada Kedavra!" he shrieked. He'd had enough.

I winced, ready to get hit by the fatal beam...but then I heard a scream. I opened my eyes to see Voldemort on the ground! The killing beam fired from the back of his wand, striking him! He was dead. I guess Gregorovitch gave Voldemort and Wormtail different wands for a reason. Or was it Mr. Ollivander? I don't know. Voldemort had no connection to the wand he just barely wielded! Whatever reason I wasn't hurt from Voldemort's wand I can never explain.

Bad news: Wormtail escaped.

Good news: Voldemort was never heard from again!

Now everything was back to normal, but I learned my lesson:

Never babysit a Dark Lord again!

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