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3. New chapter

As I waited I very quietly sung to Thoes. "Oww Hope!" I heard Rachel's startled voice cut threw my song. I reached for Thoeses harness horn. I grabbed it and she pulled me up. "Rachel?" I called Thoes knew that name she started forward. "In here" Rachel's voice was not far away. Thoes picked up her hooves high witch meant I had to step up something. The barn I thought. There's a little step I have to walk over to get into the barn. Thoes hit my hip. I stepped up into the barn. "Rac" I started "stall four" she called. I walked further into the barn. I reached out and felt a soft nose. I reached up the nose and to the side of Hopes face I grabbed her halter. I then let go if Thoes and grabbed onto Hopes horn. I heard hooves walk into the stall and heard Rachel pull herself up. "Thanks baby" she whispered to Thoes. "I'll take Hope for a while you take Thoes." "Ok thanks" Rachel replied. We started walking side by side "what happened?" I asked Rachel. "I don't know? Hope just ran out of her stall and knocked me over" that's bad I thought. As Hopes punishment I flicked her hard in the flank. She lowered her head meaning she knew what she did was bad. I rubbed her flank telling her I was sorry for flicking her so hard. Thoes was fatter than Hope so I was used to flicking hard to get to Thoes flank. We sat down at the table and Raven, Rachel's mom started telling us about are day. "After lunch we will take a brake and walk through the trails and cross the river" cheers went around the table. Everyone in the group was Morgan, Rachel, Jordan, Bekka and me. Well that's all the girls. There is two boys Steven and Rob. All of us are blind but that doesn't stop us from having fun and being who we are.

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