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2. New chapter

"Morning Thoes " I whispered as I held the tray of grain out to my pony. I slowly put down the tray. I got up and walked over the fence where I picked up Thoes harness. I made it myself. All it is, is a horn with a girth attached. I walked over to Thoes side and placed the girth on her back. I tightened the girth and walked to the barn to get her bridle. I was grabbing everything I needed for the day and was packing my bag up. "Morning Jenn" I turned around to hear my best friend Morgan standing in the aisle with her pony Jazz. "Hey Morgan, what's up?" I asked her. She looked up and laughed. "I'm not sure Jenn you tell me" Morgans blind. "Well for starters there's the barn ceiling and beyond that there's the sky, clouds and sun. "Good" she nodded her head "the trailers ready to load Thoes." "K thanks I'll be right out" Morgan nodded her head and Headed out of the barn. I threw my water bottle in my bag and ran out of the barn. I went back into the round pen with Thoes bridle. I pulled her head up and put on her halter then put on her bridle. I attached the rains to the harness. And last I put the lead rope on to lead her out. I loaded her into the trailer and gave my backpack to Morgan. I waved bye to mom and dad and got into the truck. "One more adventure!" Morgan whispered to me. I smiled and took her hand. One more adventure indeed. We got to Rachel's house where her mom teaches kids with therapy ponies. I heard Rachel across the yard. Rachel walked out if the barn with Hope beside her. I heard Rachel stumbled "you ok Rach?" I yelled across the yard. "Yep fine" I heard Rachel pulled herself up. Hope started walking again, heading to the tables we sat at. Rachel was part of Morgan and my group. Like we do stuff to together and work together and everything. I focused of Thoes. She walked down the ramp like a pro. "Good girl" I patted her shoulder. Just as I started walking I heard Rachel approach. "Hey Thoes" I heard in front of me I turned to the voice and knew it was Rachel's. "She's being so good today" I pulled half a carrot from my jeans pocket and offered it to Thoes. She took it happily and I heard a loud CRUNCH. "Thoes be a lady" I said in a stern voice. She kept crunching loudly. Rachel was first to laugh. Morgan and I joined in very soon after. I heard the gavel crunch around us I grabbed Thoes tight and tensed up. I was beyond scared. "Sorry to interrupt ladies but class starts soon" I relaxed. It was just Rachel's mom. I clucked to Thoes and she started to walk forward. I started to jog she trotted beside me. Then she stopped. What's wrong girl?" I asked. I felt around and touched something hard. Oh I was at the table. I sat down and let go of Thoeses harness horn then I reached into my bag. I pulled out my journal. I pulled out my pen and waited for everyone to come sit down.

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