Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


9. chapter 9 😭

Ashton's p.o.v

When I got up I wanted to punch something I didn't was to punch kaylee's room or destroy it and scare her so I walked out and went to the gym and punched the punching bag

"Who dose he think he is?" I asked the punching bag taking a swing at it

"I would never leave her!" I said and swinger at it again

"That's cunt!" I yelled taking my last swing at it I backed away and was breathing pretty hard I go out my water boodle I got and took a huge swing from it I went to go up to the front to say I was done I all ready payed when I saw HIM

I walked over to him I did not. Are if I go to jail for this he belongs dead he broke Kaylee and said he would father my child which is not or will probably never will be born as his I DONT THINK SO

when I got up to him I went for his shoulder but than something stopped me I saw he was making out with a girl

I turned the corner and watched if he said he would father my child with Kaylee than why is he kissing another girl

"Ok baby we have to go you know the plan?" A girl asked him I think I knew her voice

"Yes I get Kaylee and you get Ashton than distort there so called friend-ship and than we keep them locked up for the rest of there lives" he said evilly

Ya like they are going to do that but why I was in shock now what did I do to get in this

"That bich Kaylee should have gave me Ashton when she was tolled and this would have never happen" the girl said and moved Noah out of the way when I saw who it was I wanted to kill the bich ... Kylie

**now home** when Kylie left I beet the shit out of Noah than came home I sat down on my chair till my mom text me a wired text

Mother: are you and Kaylee still friend? She asked

With out thinking I texted back

Ashton: yes why is something wrong with Kaylee? I asked

My mom did not text me back for about 15 minutes I was getting nerves than my phone went off ad kaylee's pic came up saying she was calling I slid the green bottom and put the phone up to my ear

"KAYLEE!" I shouted into the phone I could hire her crying witch made my heart brake I out up and started to walk to the door

"KAYLEE IM COMING OVER TO YOU HOUSE" I said I was half way out the door till she stopped me

"NO!" She said and sobbed harder

"I'm not home" she said a little calmer "where are you?" I asked and started to walk I didn't know where

"The hospital" that's all she said I stopped in y tracks "I'll be there in 5 minutes ok baby" I said not thinking of my words

"Ok" she said broken I hanged up and ran for the hospital

*skip running*

When I it there I ran to the elevators and got in all by myself I looked down to see Calum texted me I texted back saying I was busy and I would text him back in a minuet or so and than I put my phone back in my pocket and hits a ding noise I looked up to see Kaylee siting in a chair crying her eyes out hyperventilating and it looked like she wanted to be alone but she can't she was shaking really hard

I walked in and saw Harry an Lauren crying in to my mom

My mom was crying I saw jake crying in to kaylee's mom and some lady crying I saw kimmy and a man and it looked like his wife where crying they all where Blair (kaylee's dad) came up to me

"Kaylee needs you" is all he said putting his arm on my shoulder

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