Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


8. chapter 8

My gram smiled at me and looked at Ashton "and how about you?" She asked him he shrugged his shoulders and said "same with kaylee." I smiled and my phone went off I saw it was my mom

"Hi mom!" I said happy

"Kaylee do you have Ashton with you?" She asked me I was nerves to answered


"We'll can you come home we have stuff to do for the party tomorrow" she said I looked at gram who was talking to Ashton having a nice time with the lad I nodded my head than realised I was on the phone

"Ok mom see you in a bit" I said and hanged up with or her saying a word

"Well me and Ashton have to go get the party ready I'll come by tomorrow to watch a game with you if mom an dad don't show me to everyone" I said and grabbed her hand she nodded her head like she knew what I was talking about she knows everything

"Ok I'll see you around" than she turn to Ashton "I hope to see you some more to" she said and smiled at him than me again I can never stop living her

Ashton got up and walked over to me he knows I never like To leave my gram it's not fun what it something happen and I was not here for her the tough always hunts me

As we where walking out the door I said my last words to her

"I love you gram" I did not expect her to say it back she tolled me 'Kaylee the reason I don't always say i love you back don't mean I don't love you" and right when my foot was almost out the door she said

"I love you to Kaylee" I smiled to myself than walked out the door with Ashton

*skip car ride to kaylee's hous*

When me and Ashton got home my mom his mom and my aunt where cooking some food

Me and Ashton went up to my room I sat down and Ashton laid on my bed than my phone rang

"Hello?" I asked the person Ashton was on his phone taking to his friend I think his name it Luke

"KAYLEE PLEAS TELL ME YOU ARE NOT WITH CHILD!" Abby screamed in to the phone I guess Ashton hired because he sat up and looked at me face all dropped waiting for me to respond

"What no in still a Virgin how could I?" I asked Abby Ashton let out a huff of relief and hugged me waist an put his head on my shoulder

"On Facebook it's says you posted you where and with Ashton" she said I could not think of who should do this than it clicked

"ABBY I WAS HACKED ON FACE BOOK" I said into the phone Ashton got up and grabbed my computer

He put on Facebook and there it was

Kaylee Rose: I'm having a baby with....Ashton Irwin 😭😭😭

I looked at Ashton his jaw was dropped his face was wight and his eyes where small with fear

"Ashton I did not put that on" I said than he shook his head

"No look at what twig commented on and look at all the comments" he said but first he pointed out Noah's

"Abby I have to go" I said she said she would come over later and we would talk about it

When I read Noah's it took my breath away and not the good kind of way

Noah Brown: Kaylee I will help you with the baby that Ashton will leave you and Kylie will have him I will treat the baby with care as if it was mine and than we will get married and have a family of are own

When I read it Ashton got up and walked out of my house I wanted to run after him put I just went in my bathroom and looked at myself

There's no point in going after him I'm not with a child I lost my only friend on my block and my gram is in the hospital what else can go wrong i thought

Than I hired screaming coming from down stairs I ran down there to see my mom aunt and Ashton's mom crying and panicking I picked up my moms phone and saw it was the hospital calling

"Hello?" I asked and the nurse have me the most heart braking news that would kill me


Sorry it's short but I will update later soon

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