Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


7. chapter 7

Kaylee's p.o.v

When I got to Ashton's house I rang the door bell than a little boy with a mop of hair come and looked at me like I was a new toy

"Hi you must be Harry!" I said he blushed and nodded his head

"Your really pretty" he said and blushed harder than Ashton came out of no where and hugged me I was shocked at first than hugged back he pulled away and looked at me happy

"What was that for?" I asked him he shrugged his shoulders

"I don't know" than Lauren came out and smiled at me she is really nice

"Hi Kaylee" she said chirpy "hey Lauren are you ready?" I asked her

"Ya I am" she said her and Harry stared to walk I looked at Ashton and we walked with them right after Ashton closed the door

When we where a little bit away a guy came up to use

"'s you" he said and pointed at me I did not know who he was but I knew he just wants money from me

"Umm...who are you" Ashton asked him I grabbed Lauren and Harry and pulled them closer to me and Ashton

"You owe me money" he said still pointing at me I was getting really ticked off I don't owe no one money but jake $5 because I lost a eating contest with him

" no I don't I don't know you so leave me alone" I said and glared at him than I felt Harry hug my leg I put my hand on his head to tell him it will be ok and Lauren hugged my waisted

"Look she DOSENT owe you money she clearly doesn't know you so leave us aloud" Ashton said grabbing me by the waisted and pulling me and Harry and Lauren away the man went for Lauren but I turned and backed handed him Lauren hugged me even more and so did Harry

I gave Lauren to Ashton and I picked up Harry and Ashton picked up Lauren and we ran al the way to the baseball filed

When we got there the game was just starting we got to are seats and we talked really quick

"Now guys don't worried that was just some homeless person that was trying to trick you don't fall for any thing he say's ok" I asked them all three nodded there head than we hired are names being called we all looked up and saw jake in out filed

We waved and I looked at Ashton he smiled at me and I just smirked at him I was tired from running so I laid my head on his shoulder

"You where great with the kids" Ashton said into my ear

"Your not to bad yourself " I said and looked at him are faces where inc's apart

"You would be a great mom one day" Ashton said his hot breath hit my face that dented shivers down my back I felt wired

"Ashton?" I asked him he hummed a 'hmm'

"Why do you have this effect on me I don't even know you it's wired" I said and looked at him in the eyes I could see he felt the same

"I don't know let's find out later" he said

"Ok" I said and watched the game

~*end of baseball game*~

Jake was don't now and when he came out of the dug out Lauren went up and hugged him I smiled at the cute boy and girl Harry came over to me and held my hand I looked down at him and smiled he smiled at me and we wales back home jake and Lauren talking about who knows what Harry looking at everything and that's left me and Ashton talking

We got to there house and we said are goodbyes and hugs when I got to Ashton I hugged him than smiled at him he warmly smiled at me we said good night and me and jake left for home

"So you and Lauren ha?" I asked him when we where a turning to go home

"WHAT?" He asked me "no" he said blushing at the ground I alighted at him and shook my head

"So you and Ashton" jake said I blushed and looked at him "what?" I asked him

"I saw you and him at the game Kaylee I know you to like eachother" jake said I just looked ahead of me and thought

'Could ashton like me,if he did why,would I be a good girlfriend or something' all these things got stuck in my head I did not even know I was walking into my house

When I walked in hamburgers hit my noise it made my mouth water I waked in more and saw my dad making dinner

"Hi dad" I said and kissed his cheek he smiled at me and said "hungry" I nodded my head yes than my mom came in

"hi mom" I said she looked at me and nodded her head yes I saw dinner would be done in a few minutes so I ran up to my room and jumped and laid on my bed and listened to Some one direction and little mix when I hired my name being called I ran down stairs my dad called me

"Ya dad" I asked him he nodded his head and he walked over to the greeting room that holds are table we stopped before we went in

"There is a new family on the block your mom is being nice and they are over be nice alright" he said I wonder if they could give me some one direction tickets I thought I nodded my head yes and we walked in only to see the Irwin's

I was happy to see them I saw Ashton was so Engrossed on what my mom was saying he did not even know I sat next to him

I leaned over and I was to closed to his ear before I did anything I hired my dad whisper "Kaylee don't do it" me bing me I did not care what he said and sad in Ashton's ear "BOO!" He jumped so high his shoulder hit my chin I did not hurt as much I could feel with pain

"OMG EHY WOULD YOU FO THAT?" Ashton yelled at me than he looked down at me I saw his face drop I smiled at him and he returned it

"Hey drummer boy" welcome to my house I said and sat back I my seat

"Wait you to know one an other?" Asked my dad leaning on the door

"Ya we go to school to gather" I said than my moms phone went off she got up to go see who it was

"Hey ash on Friday we are having a party do you want to come over?" I asked him than my mom came back

"Kaylee gram is not feeling well could you take her to the hospital i have guest" she asked me

"Ya mom umm can ashton come I can get us some toco bell on the way home?" I asked I never like going alone

I turned and looked at him "ya I can go" he said we got up we got are vans on I got the keys and out the door I was with one goodbyes

We got to the car and I just sat there I never like doing this I just want my best friend to be ok

"Are you ok Kaylee?" Ashton asked me he put a hand on my shoulder and looked at me concern

"I'll be alright she just has cancer so we have to be around her a lot" I said he nodded my head and I tuned the car on and we where off

"Kaylee is it true" Ashton asked me "what?" I asked him

"That you went to London?" He asked me I looked at him wired

"WHAT?" I asked him and pulled into the drive way to my grams house she only lives 10 minutes away

"Ya your mom said that you went there cuz your bad" he said wiggling his eye brow at me I pushed his shoulder slightly

"They are probably thing about it I said getting out d the car and I walked up to the door and open it and Ashton was right behind me

I walked in and turned the corner to see my dive gram blowing her noise I smiled at her and kissed her bold head

"Hi gram" I said "hi Kaylee where is your mom?" She asked me

"Umm she is at home it's just me and Ashton" I said and Ashton came up behind me

"Hi I'm Ashton I'm new here" he sad and shook her hand she smirked and than she blow her noise

"Come on let's get you to the hospital" I said and got her up and out by the car

" hey Ashton can you sit in the back ?" I asked him he nodded his head yes an open the door for my gram

~*skip car ride*~

We got to the hospital and Ashton got her a wheel chair and we checked her in now we are just waiting for her room number

"So how long are you here for?" My gram asked Ashton

"I'm living here now but I will be going back to see my best mates" he said than a lady came up and tolled us level 3 room 387 I nodded my head and thanked her and we walked over to the elevator we got to her room a lady came in and helped her before we left I gave her a kiss on her head and me and Ashton walked down the hall over to the elevator and waited

I turned to see the waiting room than I turned back to Ashton

"It will be ok" he said and grabbed my hand I smiled at him and laid my head on his shoulder

"Come on" he said and we walked in the elevator than out we where we got some toco bell and ate in my car than we went home I had a great time with Ashton I felt like with Ashton I could be myself and tell him any thing like with Abby and Emily

"Well I guess your mom and my mom are still talking so you want to go in my room?" I asked him nerves I have never had a guy in my room besides my brother or dad

"Ya" we got up there was we walked in and I laid in bed and Ashton came next to me

"Everything will be ok" he said an lightly kissed my cheek I turned to him and nuzzled my head into his neck

"I hope so" I said and drifted to sleep


I was at my locker than I felt a hand on my hip

"Ashton stop that tickles" I said than another hand went on my other hip and his chin went in my shoulder only it was not Ashton

"O Kaylee you turn me on so much" said Noah I turned around and he pushed me up against my locker

"That drummer has probably already been in your pants why not me?" He asked me I was really scared but mostly angry i felt something poking me down there an than I came to realization that it was his badge

I pinched his hip that only turned him on even more than he was ripped off if me and I fell into a hard chest I looked up to see a angry Ashton I hugged him and was not letting go

"If I see you anywhere need her again your ass is mine" he said angry 'ooo's' where everywhere in the school

"I had her first!" Noah exclaimed out f know where trying to make a point

"You broke her heart you just want her because Ashton will have her soon" Abby yelled at him

"YOU DONT EVEN LIKE HER YOU BICH" Emily screamed I just cried

"Ashton I want to go to the hospital" I said he nodded his head and kissed my forehead

"What why does she was to go to the hospital?" Noah asked us

"You don't need to know" Ashton said ad slammed shoulders with him Emily and Abby where behind us and they both got him than Abby pushed him up agents the locker

"You already broke her don't do t again she is getting back to her old self you feed off of her gilt and sadness and didn't do anything to help her" Emily said angry Abby pulled her off if her and stared to walk out the door

"If you don't back off my mates will come here and within fight you so you should stay away from me and Kaylee" Ashton said and picked me up when I was able to walk I didn't care anymore

"When we got to the bench outside I just found out I was crying Ashton sat in front of me trying to calm me down and Abby and Emily where by my sides

"Kaylee you need to calm down sweetie everything will be alright ok" Ashton said and cupped my face I stationed breathing really hard and just sat there sobbing

"It's not the first time he has done that" I said and ashton just hugged me Abby and Emily had to go get on the buss we all ride is it was just me and Ashton

"Kaylee your a beautiful girl and you should not cry pleas stop for me?" He asked I looked at him and kissed his cheek an got up

"Come on drummer boy we need to go see my gram" I said he got up and kissed my head

"When ever makes you happy" Ashton said we walked up and saw my gram was all happy she looked great

"Hey gram how are you today?" I asked her dancing

"I'm doing better today" she said

"Do you have ants in your pants or something?" She asked he a giggled and shook my head no

"I'm really happy to see you" I said and smiled at Ashton

"Ha ok so how is school" she asked me I liked at the ground and said

"Well same old same old the teachers try to eat my fingers and the food there taste like poop and the kids belong 6 feet underground so nothing much" I said and smiled at her

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