Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


4. chapter 4 part 2

Ashton's p.o.v

Kaylee walked over to me Noah followed his eyes up and saw me giving him the death he made a face at me than I felt sparks fly through my shoulder I looked there to see kaylee's hand there

"Come on drummer boy" she said I nodded and got my stuff and walked out the door I walked past Noah and smirked at him he looked at me like I was asking for it I walked out and a second later the bell rang

"I thought you said you would pick me up before the bell?" I asked her than Abby and a girl came up

"I did I'm sorry ashton I was busy with some things and lost track of time come on you will love this teacher" she said and grabbed my hand and I felt sparks

"Hey what about me" the girl asked Kaylee smirked and chuckled at her than the girl turned to me

"Hi I'm Emily" she said and shook my hand I shook here's and we ran up some stairs than ran in to a class room we walked up to a man and his name was mr.Hemingway

We talked for some joked and than we sat down Kaylee sat down and taped the seat behind her I looked around to see Emily making faces at Kaylee so I wanted to talk to some one I trend to look for Abby but I could not find her

I taped kaylees shoulder and she turned to me with her eyes crossed and she has a funny smile I giggled at her and she looked at me for real

"Where is Abby?" I asked her she was about to tell me when a shadow came over Kaylee

"That's my seat" a boy said and looked at me angry I was about to say something but Kaylee spoke for my which is probably better if she did

"not no more it's Ashton's hi sit my your friend" she said and pointed at a guy the guy over Kaylee glared at me again and than walked over to the boy Kaylee pointed to I looked back at Kaylee to see her looking at me

"Like what you see?" I asked her she blushed and nodded WOW that's never happened before

"Don't tell Abby I did that" she said and than the bell rang class went by and it was 25 minutes till we got out the teacher was funny I do like him and there was another teacher here named mrs.willows she cool to Kaylee was so out going in this class she was so her I loves it she was quite the Carter I caught myself laughing at her I felt like I could be myself around her like the boys

That class ended and we went I s.s. Kaylee was quiet and hidden In a corner I did not get it she was all happy a laughing last hour and now she is all quiet i will ask her later

Next was band I played the drums and Kaylee played some of the clarinet and drums than we went to lunch I was to busy talking with her till a girl came up to us

"Hi there" she said fake

"What do you want?" Kaylee asked pissed off wow calm down I knew I could get mad easily but I think Kaylee is the same don't trigger are anger

"To meat your hot boy friend" she said and looked at me "I did not know you could find another boy friend and you did not need help with me" she said I saw the anger grow on kaylee's face

"He is not my boy friend" Kaylee said and stormed out of the room

"Well way to make an exit and more for me" the girl said and trued to sit on my lap "leave me alone" I said to her I wales over to where Kaylee ran off to I could here Abby Emily yelling at the bich good

"Kaylee" I said than I hired crying I ran to where it was and saw Kaylee I ran over to her and hugged her "she is a bich and she knows it she just said that stuff to make me look bad around you I'm sorry ashton she brings drama in my life you should not be my friend" she said looking at me I shook my head and pulled her intoy lap

"Come on" I said and got up "where are we going?" She asked

"To next hour I think the girls got the bich" I said she smirked and walked with me it felt nice to have her in my arms and I did not know why


The next thing I knew every one was out of the class room and opening here locker I looked and saw Kaylee I got my stuff and talked over to her

"Hey Kaylee do you want to come over" I asked nerves I did not know why I was nerves

" ya but in a hour I have to get my brother" she said

"That's ok I have to get my brother and sister" I said she nodded and we walked we laugh at stuff and some times at nothing

"So here we are" I said and opened my door" she walked in and saw some bags and looked at me "it's very nice" she said I showed her around And my self we made are way upstairs and in my room she saw my wall and looked at my shirt she poked me I giggled and she grabbed my bandanna and put it on

I picked her up and ran over to my bed and jumped on and looked at her she was so pretty a pretty girl should never cry

"Why did you say that I should not be your friend today" I asked her she looked down and said

"That's girls name is Kylie and she starts drama in my life and she loves it I tell her the truth and she DOSENT like it like not at all so I fingered you should get out wile you could" she said and chuckled it was cute even when you should be sad and saying sorry she is chuckling

"Come here" I said she moved and hugged me and put her head on my cheats we where like that we talked some more they we went to go her her and my brother and my sister


Hi so it's 11:11 and I made a wish I hope it's comes true I am happy I made this part I was so bored so I thought I would make you guys happy here you go hop you like it I know I did

*not edit*

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