Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


3. chapter 3 part 1

Ashton's p.o.v

When I woke up it was not peaceful like always I was up by my alarm clock I did not was to go to school I got up and went over to my closet I hired American people are pretty sassy so I put on my band shirt and black skinny jeans and my black vans with a black and wight bandanna

I walked out of my room to see my brother and sister getting ready I walked down stairs and went over to my mom

"Mom I'm leaving" I said she nodded her head I knew she did not here me I ran up stairs get my book bag and phone my brother and sister and we where out the door walking

"Ashton are you going to he ok?" Harry asked I looked down and smiled sadly at him

"Ya buddy I'll be ok" we got to his school dropped him off than Lauren's school

"Will I be ok" she asked nerves I kneeled down at her level

"Ya you will be fine you can make friends right?" I asked her she nodded her head and hugged me than ran off I smirked I got up and walked in to my school

There what teens everywhere kissing,talking,laughing and more I walked past them and went to the office I saw a lady there I walked up to her she looked up at me annoyed o great

"Hi I'm Ashton Irwin I'm new here" I said she sided and gave me my class and she called someone she got off the phone and looked at me again

"Kaylee will be here to show you around" she said I nodded my head and sat down A few minutes a girl rushed in and ran over to the annoyed lady

"Aunt kimmy I got here as fast as I could jake was being difficult this morning" the blond girl said I felt like I have seen her somewhere

The annoyed lady smiled at her and said "well your here now" and pointed to me she turned over to me and gasped

"Is something wrong?" I'm guessing her aunt asked "no" she said and walked up to me I got up from my seat and looked at her eyes her beautiful hazel eyes

"Hi Kaylee I'm here to show you around" she said and sticked her hand out so I could shake it

"Hi I'm ashton I'm not from here" I said and shook her hand and she shook back and turned over to the lady

"Don't tell anybody" she said ms.kimmy winked and went back to work Kare turned to me with a smile and we walked out

"Ok so we have 5 minutes till the bell rings for another 5 minutes" she said putting on a tag

"What's that I asked her" I said pointing to the tag

"I this it just tells the teachers there is a new student here and so if I'm late I have a tag to tell them why" she said and put one on me "and this is to tell the hall man that your new" he said with a smile she is very nice

"ok so we are going over to my locker to put my stuff away and than we will go to yours" she said and walked over to her locker I watched her put her come in and than opened her locker

"So what do you do?" She asked me I looked at her confused

"Do you play any sports I mean you can't just have nice muscles like that" she said and lightly punched my arm

"O no I only watch sports I play the drums" I said and her face light up

"Really that's cool do you play in the band?" She asked me I handed her my class

"You do and it's with me you have every class with me put not 1 and 7 she said I smiled at her

"Cool" I said she put her stuff in her locker and closed and locked it up

"Ok so your locker is over here" she said I just fowled her arises the hall "here" she chirped

"Ok so here I'll tell you your combination" he said I got up to my lock ready for her to tell me "5-15-25" I put it in and it opened

"hey that's easy" I said and smiled at her I put all my stuff away and got my planer and a pencil

Than we walked over to my first hour mrs.dupie

"Ok I'm next door if you need any thin I will be here before the bell rings" she said and I hired a squeal than next thing I know Kaylee was on the ground in a hug "Kaylee" the girl squealed

"Hi Abby" Kaylee said I helped them up and saw a girl a little bit taller than Kaylee but still smaller than me she had curly brown hair and hazel eyes like Kaylee

"Hi I'm ashton I'm new here" I said and she looked at Kaylee,Kaylee giggled nerves and looked at me

"Abby will show you to the teacher I have to go see my class I'm next door if you need anything" she said and ran in the door next door

"Well come with me" I Abby said I walked in there with her and was greated with a red head lady that was very nice

Class was slow I could not stop thinking about Kaylee I could not wait till she came to come me out of here than a knock came to the door some guy named Noah got it Kaylee walked in and said hi everyone said hi back she must be popular unlike me

She walked over to me and I saw the Noah guy

watch her butt I hot mad and I did not know why


Hey guys I will be starting school in Tuesday so I may not post a lot pleas tell your friends and don't stop reading I am going to Detroit so I may poset tonight or tomorrow or this weekend when ever I fell or have the time to do it

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