Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


2. chapter 2

Kaylee's p.o.v

When I got up it was not 11 in the afternoon it was 9:27 I looked over at my clock and saw the time I just brayed my head back in the pillow than I Hurd some thing vibrate I looked up again to see my phone was going off I grabbed it and looked at who was calling

When I saw it was my friend Abby I ground and mumbled "what dose she want?"

I took my phone off the charger and answered it

KAYLEE- "what do you want Abby" I was annoyed she called me she knows I'm not a morning person

ABBY"well some one is not happy to here from me" she said that like she was afended by what I said

KAYLEE-" anyway what do you want I am up now"

ABBY-"go on Facebook all these girls are going on about a hot Australian is coming to are school"

KAYLEE-"and I care why you know how I feel about boys not ready to move on" I said and shivered at the memory

ABBY-" Kaylee it has been 6 months I think you need to move on" she said

KAYLEE-"what ever the only person I will move on with is one Direction's Louis Tomlinson" I was playing around with my blanket and the next thing i know I'm getting up to get my computer

ABBY-"ya like Louis fucking Tomlinson is going to show up at your front door with open doors" she joked than a knock came on my door

KAYLEE-"o Abby there he is" I jumped up from my bed and ran to the door

ABBY-"ya right"

KAYLEE-"looouuuiiiisssssss" I screamed "-o it's just jake" I said in to the phone next thing I know Abby is laughing at me

ABBY-"ha ah aha ahaha ah ha" she is so mean

"Wow I am not no Louis Tomlinson anyway I Hurd you where up do you want any thing to eat?" Jake asked me

"No thank you I'm good but maybe later I'll get it" I said and patted his head he rolled his eyes at me "whatever" he said and walked away

I put my phone up to my ear and talked to Abby again

KAYLEE-"are you done yet?" I asked she was just gigging now

ABBY-"ya kinda of"great now she is going to laugh about it all day now

KAYLEE-"well I'm going back to bed I'll text you later" I said we said are 'goodbyes' than hanged up I sat on my bed and put my phone on the charger than put my computer next to it I put one direction live wile where young on than press shuffle

I curled up in bed and thankfully went back to sleep

Ashton's p.o.v

I was woken up where I hired the fire alarm going off I put some pants on and ran down stairs to see my little brother and sister burning something

"What are you doing?" I asked them opening some windows and putting what ever they where making in the trash

"We want to make you pancakes" Harry said

"We know you where not happy to come here so we wanted to make you something for breakfast" Lauren said

I shied and kneeled on my opened my arms for them to come over they did and hugged me

"I am not all that happy but soon i will be so don't worry about me ok?" I asked them they nodded there heads I smiled at them and lest go of them I gave them some bananas and they ran off

"I guess my went to the store last night" I said to my self I went back up stairs and sat in my bed I went on Facebook to look at my new school I will be going to BCCH (bay city central high) after I was looking at that I closed my lap top and walked into lair and room

"Hey do you know when we start school?" I asked her she nodded her head and said "tomorrow" I was shocked we would go so soon I nodded my head on walked in to my room to see it was 11 I put a shirt on just a blue shirt and sat down and played the drums

I played try hard,heartbreak girl than she looks so perfect nothing really hard so when I was don't I went in the bath room and took a shower

After that I just went on with my day

Kaylee's p.o.v

When I got up it was 12:28 I took a shower than got out I put my blond hair in a high pony tail than a plain black shirt with rad letters said ONE DIRECTION and some jean short shorts

I walked out of my room and texted Abby

To Abby:

Come over when ever you want I don't care

I turned on the radio and Becky g shower came on I love that's some so I dance to it and sang a little to when it's was done I turned around to see Abby looking at me

"ABBY DONT DO THAT TOU SCARED THE OUT OF ME!!!" I yelled at her he giggled and walked over to me and put a hand on my shoulder

"Pay backs a bich" she said and put her brown curly hair in a high pony tail

"So did you look up the guy yet?" She asked me

"no I did not I put music on what is probably still playin and went back to sleep" I said and sat down on the island counter she way next to me

"Well you need to get out more I mean Kaylee look at you from your blond hair from your hazel eyes that are more on the brown said I never got that" she said looking at me

"Got what?" I asked her

"Well your brother has our dad's eyes and your mom has blue eyes and your dad has hazel eyes that are on the blue/green side so how do you have hazel/brown eyes" I Abby asked me

"I don't know you tell me both your mom and dad have dark brown eyes your older brother has blue eyes and you have Carmel brown eyes" I said crossing my arms over my chest

"My brother has a different dad than me and I don't know" she said I smirked at her and got up to get food

"Maybe we are out cast or we where adopted" she said thinking really hard which happened not often it's like seeing a baby tiger being born a wight tiger when the mom and dad are orange

Me and Abby don't really care about school we don't have to think that hard to her a right awemser

"Ya ok Abby" I said and have her a apple

"I bet....and I bet you all the boys and girls will be around him the new guy girls to date him and guys to be there friend" I said changing the chit chat

"Ya that's why you are going to see him first" she said

"What if you call dibb's" I asked her

"Won't you already did" she said "no I did not" this girl some times always talking for me when I can do it my self

"Yes you did out of the tow of us" he said and the apple I have her I sat down and looked at her

"What if he is already going out with you know who" I asked her

"Than we will wait till that time comes she nodded her head and we just went in the livening room and talked played the x-box and wii than she went home my mom and dad came home from the mall I don't know why but I they went there we had dinner and than I went to my room watched some foot ball than went to bed


I hoped you liked it if you eat to know ashton just had a lazy day than talked to the boys than went I bed pleas tell your friends about this book thank you

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