Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


13. chapter 13

Ashton's p.o.v

"It's fine it's life I'm over it now." I said I have been over it for years now.

"I'm still sorry no one should do that even when they have a child." She said sweet and slow.

"Well we should get going." I said she nodded her head yes and stood up with me. We walked over to my door I stopped and turned to her

She look so perfect. She was my everything the last couple of weeks it's wired I have never felt this way over a girl before. I took her had and pulled her on my back she giggled than go comfy on my back

"Ready?" I asked her cheerful. I could feel her happiness as she giggled

"Yup" she said and we where off to her house

----Kaylee's house----

When we arrived at her house there where a lot if cars there was this really fancy one it was a purl color a hybrid and those cars are really expensive it must be her moms boss

I took Kaylee off my back she was really light I had no trouble getting her here

She came around to me and looked up at me I took both her hands on mine and she brought her forehead to mine

"Readily to meat my...well family?" She asked with a little chuckle of not knowing what to call them

"I am if you are." I smiled down at her she smiled and kissed my cheek and hugged me I hugged her back taking her perfume in

"Is that our moment by one direction?" I asked into her shoulder she unhooked the hug and blushed

"How do you know?" She asked me shill blushing

"My sister" I said she nodded her head and took my hand and we walked up the driveway and ino the house

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