Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


11. chapter 11

Kaylee's p.o.v

I was lost,broken didn't know what to live for my best friend.Gram.part of me was...gone she was gone just like that her kidney exploded in her body and she bleed out she's gone and there is nothing I can do

I have no one for me than I looked up at Ashton

"Ashton?" I asked him he looked at me in the eyes "Kiss me" I said he looked in to my broken eyes and kissed me I felt all the fireworks an everything you should feel go off in me

It felt right! I had to breath so I let go only to lightly kiss him again I laid my head down on his hard chest and I felt my eyes drift heavy and was asleep


"KAYLEE!" Someone yelled my name I know that voice anywhere

"KAYLEE!" She screamed again I looked at my soundings and saw pink-ish purple with a hint of yellow and wight clouds so fluffy I hopped really fast across then to get to her

When I saw a glow finger only 5 feet away from he I saw her smile I saw her I ran as fast as I could

"GRAM!" I shouted tiers streaming down my face

I ran up to her and gave her a big hug and she gave it back with her bright smile that lights up my world her beautiful blue eyes where shining so bright with happiness

I was a crying mess now I was crying into her solder wile she patted my back and cried with me

"I MISS YOU SO MUCH!" I screamed to her she nodded her head "I know you do and I miss you to" she said calming down a bit

"I l-l-l love you gram" I said and I felt something hug me from behind I let go of my gram to turn around to see a man

I whipped my eyes to see my grandpa who I lost when I was just 6 years old I have him my biggest hug

"Hi ya little fart" he said hugging me back and kissing my head for real I let go and was crying tears of joy

I looked at my gram "did I die?" I asked I don't know how I'm here

"No you are dreaming" she said I didn't get it

"I was with you when you have a dream about me it means I and near you" she said putting a arm around me

"So I'll never see you after this?" I asked her getting sad again

"I'm afraid not like this but other dreams you will see my spirit" she said and smiled at me I took it all in I will never see it again EVER

"I really miss you" I said and grabbed my grandpa's hand "both of you" I said with tires streaming down my face my gram turned me over to her

"I know you doubt I will always be watching you and don't for get that I will always love you Kaylee Ann ok and I want to to be happy I know ashton makes you happy and I saw your life with him and you have a good one coming for you don't let ashton go" she said I nodded my head hugging her

"Me and gram have to go now" grandpa said I hugged him one last time and than let go and saw his smile "I'm proud of you Kaylee" he said and kissed my head and let me turn over to my gram

I gave her the biggest hug ever I will never see her till I die

"I love you" I said crying really hard

"I love you too and I and 100% proud of you Kaylee" she said I didn't want to let go but I had to I have her one last kiss on the cheek than kissed her bald head like I always did she laugh at me and looked at my grandpa the took hands and walked away in to the sun I was left there crying my eyes out I will nerves stop loving them

*dream over*

I was woken up by Ashton I looked into his eyes

"Kaylee are you ok I saw you where crying and thought I sh-" but I stopped him from saying anything else and kissed him he kissed me back I sat up and so did he with out braking the kiss

"Kaylee" he said into my mouth I let go and he wiped my tears away

"I like you" we both said I do like him but I will never love him more than my gram I loved her more than One Direction and that's a lot

"Me 2" we both said and kissed each other he let go and put his for head on mine

"will you go out with me I know it's really soon but you make me happy and I want to be here for you" he said I nodded my head I didn't know what to say I was to happy right now gram was right he dose like me

"Yes Ashton I will loved to be your girlfriend" I said and kissed him he gladly kissed back

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