Dont hurt yourself

There's a new bad boy at school he lived in Australia but moved to America with his mom he never talked to anyone only to his best friends Calum,Michael and Luke he is not shy if anything he is vary rude if you try to make him talk but will Kaylee Change that will she get the rude boy to talk nice and probably see his nice dimpled smile ?


1. chapter 1

Ashton's p.o.v

"Here we are kids." My mom said. I got out of the car with my book bag it mostly has memories of me and my 3 best mates Calum,Michael,and Luke. My brother was having some trouble so I helped him.

"Thanx ash" he thanked me I helped my sister Lauren out of the van to I turned over to Harry and ruffled his hair and smirked

"Yup" I said and grabbed my drum sticks and the 3 of us walked in the house it was a normal two story house nothing big

"Ok Ashton you are the oldest so you can have the 2 largest room upstairs on the right I will be down the hall and Harry and Lauren you are in the middle of me and ash if you need ant thing come get me" my mom said happy

How could she be happy we moved across the world from are other lives we have to eat some what different food drive one the different side of the road and other things I will discover later in life

I went up stairs to see y room was big it had wight walls I put my book bad down and went out side to the van and hat my other stuff I got black spray paint out and opened the two windows and stared to spray the walls with are logo "5 seconds of summer" or "5sos" everywhere lastly I put are names on it than was only one wall though it's on the left side I step out of the room and went to I tough was the living room it turned out to be the greeting room

I ground and turned and yelled "MOM IM GOING OUT" I pulled my phone out to see it was only 5:38 so I stuffed it back in my pocket and walked out the door I found a trash can and tasted the can in it

I walked down the street and saw a pretty girl I smirked at my self and walked over to her more I saw she had pink shorts on and a wight tang top on and she had a water ballon in her hand and she was running away from a boy about 14

She looked about my age 16 people thing I'm 17 or older but I'm not in 16 I walked by her and I saw she seen me And they stopped playing and I look ahead I felt the gaze burning hold in my back the boy turned an looked at her

"Don't look it's not nice" I hired her choke on her own air I turned my head over my shoulder to see she was blushing and looking at the ground

"You where looking to mr. Know it all" she said and I could this that she was trouble she slapped the water balloon on his head and tackled him I watched them fight she won I was to far away to see them than I stopped

"Was I smirking at her" I asked my self I shrugged my shoulders and walked around that block than went home I walked in to see my mom and siblings eating

"Ashton come eat" my mom said I shook my head no and went up stairs to my room I opened my door and smelt it,it was aired out so it was ok to sleep and live in I moved my two person bed up against the wall and put my drum set in the corner of my room I put my close in the closet and than made my bed I sat down and went on Skype and called the boys up after it was 1 I'm the morning here we said are good boys I went to bed thinking of that girl that screamed trouble well I thought

Kaylee's p.o.v

I was bored and it was the week end I got off my phone off the really good book I was reading on it and walked over to my brothers room I knocked on it and me opened his door

"What Kaylee I was playing mind craft" he said I rolled my eyes at him

"Get off the computer and come hang out with your older sister" I said and ruffled his hair he huffed and said a annoyed "fine"

"Ok meet me out side in 5 seconds" is said e nodded his head and went back in his room I went in the back yard and in the now with summer fun stuff I got water balloons I filled them is and put them in two 5 pounds palls I went in the front yard and put one pall on one side and the other with me I took two balloons and hot ready for jake

"Ok what are we-" be for jake could say any thing else I slammed a water balloon on his side it scared him and he saw the pall and took it and we had a war like 5 minutes later a boy around my age walked by he must be new I have never seen him before

I watched him and so did jake I could see his blond curls and his awesome shirt I want one jake saw him to and turned to me

"Don't look it's not nice" he said I blushed wait was I blushing I asked myself

"I was not looking mr. Know it all" I said and slammed another water balloon at him I jumped on him and tickles him I looked up to see the cute boy was gone I got off jake and went inside I made dinner and jake made the table my and dad came home shorty after

Dad went to take a shower he is a carpenter and my mom is a nurse acistent mom changed and dad came out of the shower and changed and ate dinner with us I could not stop thinking about the boy when dinner was done I put my plate away and went in my room

I rad more of my book I was reading than saw it was 1 I put my phone on the charger and went to bed shortly after

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