A World of Darkness, A World of Light


2. The Beginning

I lived in a clan of royal vampires called the Strogen Vech. Needless to say, we were a revered family. My mother was the priest huntress. My father was the best lure for humans and animals. While I, very different from my mother and father, was a vegan. As you can imagine,this was a cause of conflict between my family. My parents wanted me to become a revered huntress and continue the Strogen Vech, my heart and destiny however, lead me in a different direction.As you can probably imagine it was NOT easy to get food. Being vegan in a clan of vampires, is quite a difficult triumph. When I say vegan, I mean more than other vampires. I get blood from blood drives, and I even eat human food. The species in our world lived more peacefully than one would think. Though no one really knows the truth, everything changed. Our world was covered in darkness. All the colors faded, and hearts were filled with darkness. The violence raged. The horror of my parents mass murder went from necessity of blood from humans, to spiteful murder of humans and vampires alike. They killed vampires, our own kind! Disgraced by the horror of hatred from the people I once knew, I decided to leave. I wanted solace from the world I once knew, now set in ruin and ash. I didn't know where I was going to go, or if I would ever find my place of solace, but something in me was determined to still love and have peace. In this world of darkness, I felt that I alone wanted a world of color and light. I lived in a town called jüstcheff. It was a pleasant place. There were many beautiful hanging gardens and evergreen trees. Every living thing in our town took pride in nature, and the beauty of it. The waters were clean and clear all year round. Now the flowers and gardens lay limp. The trees are withered and burnt. The beauty I once knew and cherished is now destroyed by the hands that kept it. The pain in my heart cried out. I wanted love and peace so badly. My heart was broken and I cried out. Vampires, the entire vampire species, are supposed to be a tough and eerie form of life. My species and DNA made me no less human or emotional as the people passed on the road day by day. I was so completely different from my species, and also the other species in our world. I yearned for understanding and belonging as much as I wanted peace.Ever since I was young, I've never been what was expected of me. Even my name betrays my heart and existence. My name is Réa Länau- meaning blood moon. Id much rather go by Realeah. My name resembles my misunderstood existence. I want to help people and creatures of all kinds. I am one in darkness. I am Reahleah.

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