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1. That Place

“It’s not what I expected.”

Understatement of the century. Are you kidding me? This was it? I was expecting an open floor plan, and floor to ceiling windows. Not this.

“I know it looks a lot different on the website, but has a unique….charm?” The realtor lady says to me.

This was a plot twist! I just moved out of my parents’ house on Friday, because I found this great place in upstate New York. Ithaca, New York to be exact. The pictures only made it seem like it was all modernized. This? This was so much better.

“This is so much better than what I was expecting! I love it! It is soo charming! And I love the size of it!” I say, quite loudly. I am in awe after all!

 Ms. Realtor Lady gives me a weird look, “Really? Well, coming from your background, I would have thought this would be too much of a…downgrade for you.”  I turn my back on Ms. Realtor Snob Lady, and roll my eyes. Hey, it’s only disrespectful if you get caught, right? Besides, she shouldn’t be judging me.

“No, Ms…..?”


 “Fishier, this isn’t too much of a downgrade for me! It’s a breath of fresh, fresh air! I’ll take it.”

“Well then, it’s probably yours! No one has even glanced at this house for the past year; apparently, there isn’t enough action in the middle of the woods, teehee.”  I turn around and roll my eyes again. Who actually giggles like that?

I was born and raised in New York, well, New York City. My father is a wealthy business owner there. I’ve wanted to get out for years. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Big Apple, but I’ve always felt like there is something missing. That’s why I got out as quick as I could. I just turned 18 a month ago, May 26th to be exact, and I started right away on getting my life to be what I want it to be. Now I know you are probably thinking, what about college? I already graduated a year and a half ago.

How is that possible? Two words, overprotective parents. I’ve been homeschooled preschool, there was little to do other than school work. I love it; I’ve graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree, and ready to do something meaningful with my life. The only part I regret? Not having a social life. That is why I needed to move.  I have been to many New York City galas and parties, but I still don’t know how to talk to a guy without staring at my feet.

I need to find myself, experience life, be who I want to be! This is why I am moving to the middle of nowhere. Nature helps me think, and photography is my passion. Why not put those two things together?

“So, you are okay with having a forest as your backyard?” Ms. Fishier than Caviar asks me.

 “That’s the best part! How about we go check it out right now?” I say as cheerfully as possible. She looks at me, disgusted in her black, satin heels.

“How about I stand on the deck while you look yourself? I’m sure my shoes cost more than this entire property! Wouldn’t want to ruin them, teehee!” I hope she senses my third eye roll, as I open the deck door, and trek into the woods. It is beautiful. There are no other words to describe it. The trees are so thick, and the tallest I have ever seen. And the colors; from vibrant green to dark, all in one place. There was a little path, so I follow it. Why not? It forks, so I turn right and continue on. Wow.

“This is definitely not what I was expecting.” I say, for the second time today. There is a large pond at the end of this path; large enough to look like a small lake. I have a pond on my property! Well, soon to be property. A large tree dips low, shading a good portion of the water. I walk over and see that there is a little grassy area right under that tree; a perfect place for reading. I could stay here forever, but Ms. Satin Heels is probably getting antsy. So, I start heading back down the path. I still can’t believe there is a pond!

Coming from a loft apartment on the tallest building in Manhattan, you can probably imagine my hunger for nature. I’ve always loved water, even if it does look bug infested. Ever since I got my license, I’ve taken road trips to lakes and waterfalls all over New York. Once I arrived at the location, I would sit for hours just enjoying the beauty of it. Then, a few more hours were spent taking picture upon picture, trying to capture the way the water moves and falls. Photos never do it for me though. I would rather be there in the flesh. At this point, I have made it back to Ms. Fishier on the deck. She’s giving me a too lard smile, revealing her true feelings on the matter of standing on a deck for thirty minutes.

“Well, hopefully after that looong exploration, it is a definite yes, teehee!” Teehee? Really? People actually laugh like that? Ugghhh, no. I think I need another walk; she just eliminated all the peaceful feeling I was having.

“Yes Ms. Fishier! It is a definite yes!” I say as nicely as possible, but I think my sarcasm snuck in there on its own accord.

“Great! Let’s drive back to the agency. I’ve had enough mosquitoes for one day. I hope I don’t get attacked by more!” She says with a grimace.

“God forbid!” I say, with way to much sarcasm. I walk past her back into the house for one last look. By the time I’m done, she is standing by the front door, waiting to lock up.

She gives me a genuine smile, “I’m glad someone that loves nature so much is buying this house. The last potential buyer wanted to tear it down and turn I the property into a shopping center. The owner refused. It would have been such a shame.” I stare at her. It’s weird that she seems genuinely pleased, even though forty minutes back she was complaining about ruining her shoes, and getting attacked by mosquitoes. I smile back and step outside so she can finish her job; locking up the house. On the long drive back up the driveway, I turn and look back at my soon to be property. I love it, and can’t wait for my new life.



“Are you sure? I could get you a nice apartment in this complex! You wouldn’t have to move to the middle of nowhere!” Dad says hopefully.

“Dad! I want this. More than I have ever wanted anything. Just let me try it! It’s perfect for me. Even you, a nature hater will like, I promise!” I say, lifting my spaghetti filled fork to my mouth. It’s Wednesday night, family dinner night, and I’m telling my parents about the house. My dad has been expressing his dislike of the “moving to the middle of nowhere plan.” My mom, on the other hand, hasn’t said anything, yet.  I think she’s taking this pretty hard.

“Ok, but what about this pond in your backyard? That sounds pretty dangerous.” Dad adds, trying to talk some sense into me.

“Dad, how is a pond dangerous? It’s not like I will be walking in the woods at night, and fall in!” I say sarcastically. I have a sarcasm problem.

“Because that’s not morbid at all.” Mom says; her first sentence since we sat down. I stare at her, and she stares right back.

“I’m sorry! I just…I just want you guys to trust me when I say that I will be completely safe! You can trust me! When have I ever let you down? And plus, I’m not an idiot! I will have my cellphone with me if I go trekking in the woods!” I say, trying to talk sense into them now. "I want this so bad... I feel like I can be the person I've always wanted to be." I say, looking at my dad. I see them give each other a look. "You guys are always telling me to grow up, well how am I going to do that if I'm close enough to depend on you for everything?"

"Fine." Mom says, slamming her fork down, "If that's what you want, then go do it. I'm not opposed to letting you live out your dream sweetie, so don't get that idea. I'm just worried that you've grown up to fast, that I've pushed you to hard. I don't want you regretting anything, but I also don't want you to get into a situation that you don't think you can get out of." I get up and walk around the table and give her a long hug.

"Don't worry," I say, excitedly "I won't!"




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