Imagines || 1D and 5sos

Obviously this is for imagines, but only the best imagines.
And here's what you can do to help me make them the best:

1. Specify which boy, or even boys, you want your imagine to be about.
2. Name
3. I may need to know your hair and eye color.
4. Maybe height too... Sorry.
5. And finally... A quick summary of what you want your imagine to be like.

I'm going to try to make these perfect for you.


7. Whisper and Zayn


I listened to the crunch of the snow as I walked down the sidewalk. A few people here and there bumped into me, the streets were crowded this time of the year. A breeze came through, the snow falling harder. I buttoned my coat to keep the heat in. When I rounded the corner, I bumped into a tall dark figure. I didn't catch much but a scent, and the color of his hair.

"Sorry about that." I mumbled to myself, hoping he would hear. Although at the speed he was going, he was probably halfway to Australia by now.

I sneezed as I breathed in a snowflake. Maybe it was time to get someplace warm. I remembered seeing a café just around the corner, I bet they had some delicious hot cocoa. So I turned myself around and pushed myself through the snow. 'For the cocoa.' I kept those words on repeat in my head, and before I even knew it I was there.


Her brown hair was dotted with snowflakes. I couldn't see any facial features, but she was wearing glasses. It was the most magical sight I've seen since moving here.

"Zayn." I heard my name coming from further down the sidewalk. I looked back to see if I could see the girl, but she had disappeared into the crowd I had just left.

"Zayn." The voice was closer now. "Zayn. I've been looking for you everywhere." I could recognize the voice now. Her hand grabbed my arm as she pushed through the last of the people.

I looked down at her sparkly blue eyes. "Sorry, couldn't find it babe." I said kissing her forehead.

"Don't worry about it. I'll just have to find something else for my dad." She sighed.

It was silent between us as we walked slowly through the people. She snuggled closer to me as it became colder. The snow was falling hard, but when I squint my eyes I could see a sign for hot cocoa. It wasn't my favorite, but I bet it was warm in there.


I sat at the counter waiting for my hot cocoa, when I heard the door open. I turned to see the familiar black, messy hair. I would've walked right over and said 'hi', maybe even planted a kiss on his cheek. I mean it's almost Christmas for crying out loud, but there was a girl wrapped around his arm.

He was smiling as they walked towards a booth, oh what a beautiful smile. My cocoa was served, but I ignored it. I watched him continue with the smile as the waitress walked away. Then he was looking right at me, his smile disappeared.

I turned my head quickly and started to drown in my hot cocoa.


"Are you okay hun?"

"I'm fine." I said as I climbed out of the booth. She reached for me, but I kept walking.

"Zayn where are you going?" She howled after me.


'Zayn.' I thought to myself. 'That's a cute name.' I thought as I took my last sip of cocoa.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. Please be him, please be him, PLEASE be him. I turned...

"Hi." He smiled.

I was already blushing, but now my cheeks were cherries. "Hi." I smiled back.

"Uhm, this might seem all a little sudden, and maybe a little crazy..." He paused.

"No, please keep going."

"But, I don't know what happened to me tonight. I bumped into you at the corner, and I barely got to see the color of your hair, yet I couldn't stop thinking about you. Will I ever see her again? Was she for sure wearing glasses? The snow in her hair. The way she stepped. How for just that moment, it was only the two of us. It was... magic."

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