Imagines || 1D and 5sos

Obviously this is for imagines, but only the best imagines.
And here's what you can do to help me make them the best:

1. Specify which boy, or even boys, you want your imagine to be about.
2. Name
3. I may need to know your hair and eye color.
4. Maybe height too... Sorry.
5. And finally... A quick summary of what you want your imagine to be like.

I'm going to try to make these perfect for you.


3. Eline and Niall


"Everyone be ready. He'll be here any minute now." I placed the cake on the table. When it was perfect I turned to make sure everyone was in their spot. I heard a car door close and then I rushed to my spot.


Every year it's the same. I'm either on tour or in the studio, but this year I get to be home for my birthday. I opened up the door and stepped inside.

"Why would you leave all the lights off." I said to myself. "I'm gonna kill myself." I reached to switch the lights on.

"Surprise!" The whole house was filled with people. I looked around to find the planner, but I didn't see her anywhere.


I heard the whole house yell, I bet Niall was looking for me now. I zipped up my boot and looked in the mirror.

"He's going to flip." I said to myself.


The meal started and she was still no where to be found.

"Don't worry mate." Louis patted my shoulder. "She's here, and she'll be-" I followed his gaze to the stairs.

First it was the long, black, leather boots, which were seductive enough. Then the short, tight, black, sleeveless dress, I think I was drooling. Her hair was in a high ponytail and as she walked it swung back and forth. The fringe was curled out so it wasn't hanging in her eyes.

As she came off the stairs and walked towards me, her chocolate brown eyes were melting me.

"Good luck mate." Louis whispered before walking away.

She finally made it to me, the clicking of the heels stopped. A smirk appeared on her face before she wrapped her arms around my neck.

"You're so dead later." I whispered so only she could hear.

"Happy Birthday." She did the same before planting a kiss on my cheek.

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