Imagines || 1D and 5sos

Obviously this is for imagines, but only the best imagines.
And here's what you can do to help me make them the best:

1. Specify which boy, or even boys, you want your imagine to be about.
2. Name
3. I may need to know your hair and eye color.
4. Maybe height too... Sorry.
5. And finally... A quick summary of what you want your imagine to be like.

I'm going to try to make these perfect for you.


2. Amber, Ash, and Michael


I watched him and her holding hands, laughing. 'This always happens.' I thought to myself. 'Don't you do it again.' I started having a debate with myself, but I watched her hair flow back in the wind. Then when she'd laugh-

My thoughts got interrupted by something hitting me in the face. I picked it up off the ground to see it was her beanie, well Ash's beanie. I looked up to her rushing over to me.

"Thank you so much Michael. I thought it was gone forever." She peered over the edge of the cliff we had decided to come to today.

"It decided to smack me in the face. You got lucky this time." She smiled as she took the beanie from me.

"How can I ever thank you?" The sun reflecting off her blonde tips, her hazel eyes staring into mine, it all made me weak. She bit her lip and all my walls collapsed.

"Come with me." I looked to make sure Ash wasn't looking then I grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the path that goes through the woods. You had to hike almost a mile on the path to get to the cliff.

"I've had enough of this." She dropped the beanie and turned me around to kiss her.


"Has anyone seen Amber? She's been gone for hours?" I looked around our area once more, but didn't spot her anywhere.

"No." Luke and Calum said at the same time.

"I haven't, but you'll never guess who else is missing?" Luke said looking at Cal.

"Michael." He answered without switching his gaze. I let the words slowly sink in. Would she really sneak off with Michael? ... Yes, yes she would.

"Fuck me." I ran towards the woods, obviously that's the place to go. I walked, saw nothing. I walked some more, heard nothing. I started growing impatient when I swear my ears flicked like a dogs.

It was just the slightest movement, yet it was enough for me to hear and I went after it. I almost slipped on something. I reached down to pick it up, the beanie.

"You're going down Mikey." I growled as I took off towards the noise again.


"Come on Mikey." She whispered annoyingly at me. "He's coming I can hear him."

I slipped on my shoes and we ran for as long as we could. We had to take a break and hide somewhere.

"I don't hear him anymore." I whispered and she giggled.

"That's because I'm right behind you." We looked up, sure enough there was Ash towering over us. He looked so tough in the leather and the black bandana. What can we do now?

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