It’s Ally’s last year of high school and prom is near.
Never been on a date so far, she doubts that she’s going to have one for prom, especially because it’s only one month away.
Almost given up, something unexpected happens.


1. prom is near



While I was walking through the hallways and seeing all the prom posters hanging on the wall, I was wondering how it feels to be asked out for prom. Well not only for prom, but asked out in general. Would I be excited or just happy? Would it happen at school or somewhere outside? Where would my first date be? Well I have no idea and I should stop thinking about it because it makes me sad.


There was no escape from the prom stuff, but I tried my best in the canteen. But hey surprise, there was a guy making a huge act to ask a girl out.

Grabbing my food and escaping from the show, I went to our usual table in the back where Nathan was already waiting. „If a guy would only ask me out like that“, he sighed and smiled. I gave him a nudge and sat down. „Oh what’s up Ms. I-hate-prom-but-I-actually-dream-at-night-to-be-asked-out?“ „nothing, all this just annoys me and I’m getting more and more desperate“ „aww don’t worry princess, you’re…“ A numb sound interrupted Nathan. I turned around and I saw Milly, the youngest in our year, on the floor with her food all over her clothes. Right next to her: Caroline and the barbs. „I knew it“, Nathan looked disgusted in that way.  Caroline started to make her way through the canteen and passed by our table. As always, she gave me the most evil look ever and Nathan looked back. „Oh nice shirt, did you get it from your grandma?“ the barbs started laughing. „Shut up you fake Barbie doll“, Nathan answered and made her a sign to leave. Seconds later, every girl in the room turned around and stared at the door: Thomas, the school crush of every girl and the best baseball player at school entered the room. He made his way through the tables, looking flawless as always. I never had the chance to talk to him, because he was always with Caroline, and like you saw before, she hates me. Suddenly his eyes met mine and he smiled at me. I actually didn’t know what to do in that moment so I just looked away, grabbed my stuff and went past him to my next lesson, where Mr. Stilinski was already waiting for us.


After the bell rang I ran out of class to catch the last bus home. My parents were already sitting at the table waiting for me to have dinner. I joined them, told them about my science project for what I got an A and then I went upstairs, took a shower and cuddled myself under my bed sheets.

My phone vibrated. Nathan texted me: „don’t worry ally, your time will come and prince charming will ask you out. Sweet dreams cutie, see you tomorrow. xoxo“

After a while I finally fell asleep without thinking any longer about prom, Caroline or dates. 

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