Fully Clothed In Black

You can call her the queit one.. the shy one... the soft spoken one.... but a lot of people know her as The Girl Fully Clothed In Black


2. Chapter 2

My mother pulled me into my room


She said pointing at a little box full of blades

I just looked to the floor. I was 6 weeks clean.

"ANSWER ME! WHY DO U DO THIS TO YOURSELF?!" I looked in her eyes.

I said nothing tho. she sighed and sat on the floor.

"I hate to see u like this, ur such a wonderful, beautiful, and special girl-"

before she could finish i ran out of the house. i couldn't take it, i wanted to cry, i wanted to be left alone and not asked about anything. I hate people finding out, I HATE IT!. i ran as far as i could, it was getting dark out. I saw a park bench and sat there for what felt like 4 hours but really was 4 minutes. I walked around the park then saw a swing. i remember coming here with my dad, i missed him. Why did he have to leave? Why couldnt i die. Its my fault.

Flash Back 

"Daddy catch me if u can!" I giggled while running from my father.

"Honey watch out." My father screamed and pushed me out of the way. Next thing u know I'm in the ER being told my fathers dead

I sat on the swings just crying

"It's all my fault." I kept telling my self until I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"What's ur fault?"

Hey guys I hope y'all like it!!! I'm just now staring 8th grade and like they all ready have me a shit ton of home work! ughh so yeah byeee



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