Fully Clothed In Black

You can call her the queit one.. the shy one... the soft spoken one.... but a lot of people know her as The Girl Fully Clothed In Black


1. Chapter 1

        I looked up at the sky, it was gray and all you could think of was sadness. A loud bang screamed from the sky's, seconds later, it was pouring.

       Nerds running into the school, jocks pushing each other into puddles. Cheerleaders running to the bathroom to check their hair. Teachers ran out side to escort us to the gym. Great... last thing i want in the world is to stay in a room filled with people i hate and the smell of sweat coming from the locker rooms.

I didn't really have any friends, oh yeah...uhhh i don't really tell people my name.. i just go my The Girl Fully Clothed In Black.. i know.. its stupid... 

I got that name it 8th grade long story short... im not much of a social butterfly 

and people called me an outcast and like i only wore black

shit happened and BAM that was my name.

*Bell Rings*

i walked through the halls, they were filled with screaming freshman, oh how

i wanted to kill those stupid little freshmen. 

i just ignored them. I got to my locker, i saw the stupid signs



" Go die emo scum."

I didnt really give a shit.. i mean its nothing  new, i just ripped them off my locker and stuffed them into my 

backpack. I got my stuff and headed to my 1st hour... Math... the one 

thing i hated more than people.

*Second Bell*

I walked into class, many people just stared at me, 

i ignored it and went to my seat all the way in the back. When i got there, some kid 

was already there.

"Oh im sorry is this you're seat?" 

the guy said, i just nodded

he got up and sat in the seat next to me

"Hi, im Nick by the way." i didnt look at him

"hey dude.. here's a tip, sit next to someone that actually 

talks and someone that has a name." the Jock Ryan said

He was such an idiot.. im surprised he passed 2nd grade.

"what?" Nick said obviously confused

"the chick doesn't talk dude, she doesn't have a name either.. well 

she has one its just no one knows it."  Ryan patted Nicks back then went back to

his seat. "is that true?" he asked,

god he annoying

 i just nodded my head

*skip school cuz yolo*

i walked out of the hell hole and back home

i ran into someone

"shit." i mumbled while picking up my papers

"So u do talk?" 


i just stood up and walked away

he followed behind me

i stopped and gave him a weird look

"oh we live in the same complex. im ur new neighbor...so yeah.. dont worry im not gonna rape u"

i just laughed a little

"so... u really dont talk?" he asked

i just shook my head no

*skip walk just because*

i  got to my apartment.

When i opened the door, i saw that my door was open

my mother looked very angry with me

'COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" she screamed

Well this is gonna be fun.

to be continued......

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