I'm WHAT?!?!?!

Will Alexis go with Luke or Calum?
What happens when she finds out about her family history?
Find out when you read I'm WHAT?


4. Part 4:

My stomach ties in knots when I realize we are alone.

Ashton looks at me and asks, "Who's your "favorite" out of all of us?"

I look at him shyly and say, "You."

He looks at me for a moment, then shakes his, ok.

He looks at me and says, "Ok. Let me get straight to the point... Do you have any siblings?"

"Yeah an older brother. Why?"

"Um, what's your father's name?"

"Beck Irwin. Why?"

"I thought so," he said.

"What do you think? Tell me!" I exclaim, wanting to know what's going on.

He looks at me, "Beck Irwin is......"

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