I'm WHAT?!?!?!

Will Alexis go with Luke or Calum?
What happens when she finds out about her family history?
Find out when you read I'm WHAT?


3. Part 3:

We finally got to the front of the line. The guard handed us our tickets back, and we headed backstage! We are the only fans backstage, for now. We sit and wait until I see some people coming, they look familiar! OMG, it's 5SOS! I point over to where Scarlet should look and she screams, "It's 5 Seconds of Summer!"

The boys look around frantically and Michael screams, "Really where?"

We all start to laugh! They walk over to us and we introduce ourselves, Scarlet goes first.

"Hi I'm Scarlet Davis. I love you guys so much, especially Calum!"

Calum smiles and says, "Thanks I'm also a fan of myself!"

Then, they look at me and I realize it's my turn.

"Hi, I'm Alexis Irwin! I love all of you guys!" I say excitedly.

I look at Ashton and he asked, " So your last name is Irwin? As in I-R-W-I-N?"

"Yes," I say, "Why?"

Ashton walks over to me, grabs my hand, and says, " Follow I need to ask you something!"

All the boys look at us, as we walk out of the room and into one where we're.... alone.

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