I'm WHAT?!?!?!

Will Alexis go with Luke or Calum?
What happens when she finds out about her family history?
Find out when you read I'm WHAT?


2. Part 2:

Today is the day of the concert! My mom and I are on our way to the stadium. She's going to stay at her boyfriend, James', house until it's time to pick me up. We arrive at the stadium. I'm so excited, I jump out of the car.

"Bye mom! Love you!" I shout!

"Love you, too! Be careful! Have fun!" she shouts back, imitating me!

I'm standing in line when someone shouts, "I got backstage passes!"

"Me too!" I shout back. She comes up to where I am in line.

She says, " Hi my name is Scarlet Davis! What's your name?"

"I'm Alexis Irwin! Yes please don't freak out because I have the same last name as Ashton!"

So instead she asks, "Who is your "favorite" out of the band?" and I say' " Ashton, yes a coincidence!"

She exclaims back, "My favorite is Calum. Are you sure you and Ashton aren't related? You look a lot alike."

"Really? You're the first person to tell me that' and I'm pretty sure we aren't anyway......."

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