The Angels of the Courtyard

Allison, Bri and Emily are 3 friends, and when their school decides to buy angel statues that are crying, weird things start to happen. Kids go missing, they end up in the news, about them living years before, statues are never in the same place. Can they figure it out before the whole school disappears


1. ~Epilogue~

The doors slowly open. I watched as 2 movers dragged stone statues into the school’s courtyard. “Why the ones that are crying?” I asked Emily. She just shrugged. 
“They want us to understand the pain of angels when we fail things.” Bri said. That is what the teachers said. “Yeah and we should get crying hot dogs, to show how said they are when we eat them.” We all giggled. I had a bad feeling. I am paranoid about everything, even stone statues. This school says they have no funding, then whats with the stone statues. I blinked and the hands of one of them were off their face. “Look!” I pointed. But I blinked again. “What?” they both asked. I looked again to see the hands were back on. “The hands were off.” I stated. “not funny Allison.” Bri said as she walked off. Emily shrugged and followed. But I wasn’t lying it wasn’t a lie. The angels moved. The Weeping angels moved!


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