weather of emotions

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  • Published: 27 Aug 2014
  • Updated: 26 Aug 2014
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I wrote this in school and my Dad thought it was good and I thought it was good. I edited it bit though. I hope you like it.


1. A poem

My mind is like the weather, It's rarely slow as a feather, when I'm mad the wind begins to howl, So I probably scare the imaginary owls,

When I'm sad it rains, Then I watch the rain go down every drain, When I'm scared a hurricane roars, And then it jiggles all of my floor boards,

When I'm jealous a tornado spins, Sucking who I envy in,When i'm relieved it's humid, now maybe this day won't be stupid,

When I'm glad it snows, I'm madly glad when it snows, When I'm happy it's not to hot or cold, I'm just happy and my emotions aren't to bold,

This is how the poem ends ends with out another word, just don't add to it my little birds.

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