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Okay, we all want to learn cool and quirky, easy and fun hairstyles. But we never know how to do them. Let's work together and make the ultimate hair-help book, and make me awfully proud!


2. Spicing up a ponytail

Okay, I am a sucker for ponytails. They are cute, sporty, and simple. Throwing one up only takes a few seconds and smooth it down and you're ready to hit that soccer pitch! Or if you're like me and boring, wear it for everyday school life. I wanted to funk mine up to make it stand out and to feel more satisfied with the outcome. So, here, I'm gonna teach ya!


First decide what ponytail you want. They could be:






There are your basic ponytails. Now making a ponytail consists of brushing your hair and then gathering it up in two or one hand and smoothing it over your head. Then you set desired height and place and retighten and smooth it until it's done. Take a bobble and wrap it as many times as you can and voila!

At this point if you're having trouble keeping your flyaways down take some hairspray and squirt it into your hand and then pat the pesky buggers right back down.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Tightly plait a long thin strand of hair and secure tightly with loom band or thin bobble. Pull into ponytail making sure it is fully visible.

Use the same method as above but start the plait after your hair is in the ponytail meaning it will start from the initial ponytail bobble.

Using sea-salt spray, spray the ends of your hair with it and then toss and scrunch until desired waviness is reached.

Seperate hair equally into two pieces. The top and the underside. Make sure they are both even enough. Pull the first one into a small twist and fix it with a clip for later. Pull the underside hair (the other half) into a middle ponytail. Unclip other hair and make sure it is tangle free before tying that into a ponytail slightly above the other one, making the illusion that the ponytail starts from the top one and ends on the lower one :) Simply fix upper ponytail until it covers the bottom one.

Make normal ponytail. Then take a thin bobble and tie the ponytail off about two centimetres down from the original bobble. Then create a hole in the middle and take the remaining lower half of ponytail and pull through the hole, thus creating a twist.


That's all about funking up a ponytail, and I will see you next time!

Lemony Twizell

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