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Okay, we all want to learn cool and quirky, easy and fun hairstyles. But we never know how to do them. Let's work together and make the ultimate hair-help book, and make me awfully proud!


3. Perfect Plaits

Plaits are great. They look sophisticated and elegant and still have that tomboy roughness to them. Girls love plaits because it keeps your hair out of your face while maintaining a twisted, gorgeous look. Plaits can be worn in so many ways. A tiny plait hidden in a ponytail ( see previous chapter ) or a huge swirly plait twisted into a bun ( see next chapter ). Girls wear plaits in their hair. Men wear plaits in their beards. Horses wear plaits in their manes, and some people even plait their eyebrows! Dedication, huh?

Read on to learn some fantastic tips and tricks!


These are the types of plaits you can get:

• Normal three strand plait

• Fishtail plait

• French plait

• Twisted 'plait'

I'm sure there are tons more, and this is were you, the reader donates to this book! Leave a comment helping me with friendly tips, advice and any mistakes if I've made them. :)

• For the first one, the three strand plait, or braid as some people call it.

Brush out any tangles on wet or dry hair. If you plait your hair when it's wet it will create ringlets the next morning. If you think you need to, tie your hair into a ponytail to stop any bits of hair falling and your plait collapsing. Separate your hair into three equal strands. One over your right shoulder, one left, and one down your back. By doing it this way, when you pull the left or right strand up to plait, it will create a smooth sleek finish on the side of your head ( if you haven't put it in a ponytail) . Awesome! First start with the right side. Let's call that 'A',the middle one 'B', and the one on your left 'C'. Take 'B' and 'A' up in your fingers. Bring 'A' over 'B', now they've switched places! Now 'A' and 'C' need to switch. Bring 'C' over 'A' and push 'A' to the left. Now the order is

A. C. B.

Instead of

C. B. A.

Now bring 'B' over 'C' and make them switch. Then switch 'B' with 'A'. The key to this plait is to keep the rhythm going and your grip firm and tight. To continue this pattern simply keep on bringing the right one over to the middle and then the middle and the left switch. Finally you should have a lovely tight tidy plait. Secure with a small bobble and await the compliments.

• Next plait, the fishtail. Bringing your hair over one shoulder makes a nicer plait and is easiest to do for this one.

Split your hair into two parts. They should be equal but if they're not exactly it doesn't really matter. The first time you try this it will be tough so maybe try it out on someone else if you would like. Gripping the two pieces of hair with one finger from the opposite hand to which you're removing the hair, pull out a reasonable sized chunk. Maybe make it thicker than thinner so it's easier. Bring this bit of hair around to the other bit of hair and add it. So now you have a crisscross bit of hair going from one section to the other. Continue alternating with strands of hair and passing them to each segment of hair until it's done. Gently pull at the plait to fluff it out and to make it appear fuller. Done!

•The French plait goes around your head and if you have enough hair, finishes with a normal plait at the end. This is commonly worn by Katniss Everdeen.

Swish all of your hair over one shoulder. If you're right handed, flip it to the right shoulder and vice versa. Pull out three normal bits of hair and pull them to the left ( if you're right handed ). The trick to this plait is that you have to plait under and pick up hairs as you go. Let me demonstrate. You have your three plait strands, now, take the one on the right and add a bit of hair from a high bit on your head to it. Now instead of moving it on top of the one in the middle, you move under. With the one on the left take a bit from the bottom of your head and then bring it under again. If this is too confusing I recommend watching Zoella's video on it. Continue travelling around your head, picking up hair, until you reach the end. You may have a good bit of hair left over. Plait this normally, as you would, and finish with a bobble. This one will take some practise and it will take a while, but it's great for parties, or, in Katniss's honour, hiking or swimming or something. Hope you give it a go!

. This one is so simple. Take your hair in two sections. Then loop one around the other and pull tight. Now twist the other one around the one you just used to loop with. Continue this and tie it with a bobble. It's simple yet it looks so pretty!

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Alright guys, that's it for this chapter! Remember to try these out and give some feedback! Bye!

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