Me and michael clifford


3. the big question

Me and Michael have been dating for 6 1/2 years now! And it was about time he popped the question. So me and Michael went back to the exact same yogurt shop we had our first date ever! Me and him are sitting at a booth he had one hand behind his back and I had an idea what it was. he said to me " I love you babe and this is why I must ask you this question. Will u marry me schuyler?" "i'd be an idiot to say no so yes!" I screamed. We both started crying immediately! We just loved each other so much that we couldn't imagine our lives without each other! Michael called his mom to tell her the big news than I called my mother and told her that I was getting married! we hung up with our mothers and kissed! "Michael Clifford... I think I love you!" I said to Michael "Schuyler Clifford... I think I love you too!" Michael said to me

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